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School Board

All Board and Workshop meetings are held at the Education Center - 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg.

District Policies

000 - Local Board Procedures

100 - Programs

100 Comprehensive Planning

101 Mission Statement

102 Academic Standards

103 Equal Opportunity Program for School And Classroom Practices

103.1 Nondiscrimination - Qualified Students with Disabilities

103.1AR Nondiscrimination - Qualified Students with Disabilities

104 Nondiscrimination In Employment/Contract Practices

105 Curriculum Development

105AR Curriculum Development

105.1 Curriculum Review by Parents and Students

105.2 Exemption from Instruction

105.3 Animal Dissection

106 Guides for Planned Instruction

107 Adoption Of Planned Instruction

108 Adoption Of Textbooks

108.1 Public Complaints - Educational Materials

108.1AR Public Complaints - Educational Materials

109 Selection Of Textbooks/Educational Materials

109AR Selection Of Textbooks/Educational Materials

109.1 Media Centers Materials Selection

110 Instructional Supplies

111 Lesson Plans

112 Guidance Counseling

113 Special Education

113.1 Discipline Of Students With Disabilities

113.2 Behavior Support

113.2AR Behavior Support

113.3 Screening and Evaluations for Students With Disabilities

114 Gifted Education

114AR Programs For Gifted and Talented Students

115 Career and Technical Education

116 Tutorial Instruction

117 Homebound Instruction

118 Independent Study

119 Current Events

121 Field Trips

121AR Field Trips

121.1 Overnight Student Excursions

121.1AR Overnight Student Excursions

121.2 Foreign Study-Travel Programs

121.2AR Foreign Study-Travel Programs

122 Extracurricular Activities

122AR Extracurricular Activities

123 Interscholastic Athletics

123AR Interscholastic Athletics

124 Summer School

125 Adult Education

125AR Adult Education

126 Class Size

127 Assessment Of Educational Program

130 Homework

130AR Homework

137 Home Education Programs

137.1 - Extracurricular Participation by Home Education Students

138 English Language Development (ELD) Program

138AR English Language Development (ELD) Program

140 Charter Schools

140AR Charter Schools

142 Migrant Students

143 Standards for Persistently Dangerous Schools

143AR Standards for Persistently Dangerous Schools

144 Standards for Victims of Violent Crimes

144AR Standards for Victims of Violent Crimes

146 Student Services

200 - Pupils

200 Enrollment of Students

200AR Enrollment of Students

200.1AR Student Classifications for Enrollment

201 Admission Of Beginners

203 Communicable Diseases and Immunization

203.1 HIV Infection

204 Attendance

204AR Attendance

206 Assignment Within District

207 Confidential Communications Of Students

208 Withdrawal From School

209 Health Examinations

209.1 Life Threatening Student Allergies

209.1AR Life Threatening Student Allergies

210 Use Of Medications

210.1 Asthma Inhalers

211 Student Accident Insurance

212 Reporting Student Progress

213 Assessment Of Student Progress

214 Class Rank

215 Promotion And Retention

216 Student Records

216AR Student Records

216.1 Supplemental Discipline Records

217 Graduation

217.1 Awarding Diplomas for World War II Veterans

217.1AR Awarding Diplomas for World War II Veterans

217.2 Awarding Diplomas for Korean War Veterans

217.2AR Awarding Diplomas for Korean War Veterans

218 Student Discipline

218.1 Weapons

218.2 Terroristic Threats/Acts

218.2AR Terroristic Threats/Acts

219 Student Complaint Process

220 Student Expression

221 Dress And Grooming

222 Tobacco Use

223 Use Of Bicycles/Motor Vehicles/Skateboards

223AR Use Of Bicycles/Motor Vehicles/Skateboards

223.1 Prohibition On Use of Certain Equipment Or Vehicles on School Property

224 Care Of School Property

224AR Care of School Property

226 Searches

227 Drugs and Alcohol

227AR Drugs and Alcohol

228 Student Government

229 Student Fund-Raising

230 Public Performances By Students

231 Social Events/Class Trips

232 Participation In School Activities

233 Suspension and Expulsion

233AR Suspension and Expulsion

234 Pregnant Students

235 Student Rights

237 Electronic Devices

239 Foreign Exchange Students

240 Contests

241 Advanced College Placement

246 Student Wellness

246AR Student Wellness

247 Hazing

247.1 Bullying/Cyberbullying

248 Unlawful Harassment

248AR Unlawful Harassment

250 - Student Accidents and Injuries

250AR - Student Accidents and Injuries

251 Homeless Students

251AR Homeless Students

300 - Administrative Functions

400 - Professional Employees

500 - Classified Employees

600 - Finances

700 - Property

800 - Operations

900 - Community