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School Board

All Board and Workshop meetings are held at the Education Center - 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg.

Emergency Procedures

Skylert Procedures

Purpose: This procedure establishes the criteria for which automated mass calls, text messages and emails are made to parents and the community.


General – An automated email, text message and call that is sent to parents’ and staffs’ primary contact information. It will be sent to the primary email address and primary phone number as identified in Skyward.

Emergency – An automated email, text message and call that is sent to all contact information on file for parents and staff. The automated message will be sent to the primary, secondary, tertiary, and all other email addresses and phone numbers identified in Skyward.

Unplanned – A deviation from a previously published schedule. For example, if school is normally scheduled to run as a full day, but is dismissed early due to the anticipation that a weather event will make travel unsafe. Or, a bus experiences mechanical problems and is delayed on its normally scheduled route.



Concert announcement

School closed – unplanned

Play/drama announcement

School delayed opening – unplanned

Athletic event announcement

School early dismissal – unplanned

Open house announcement

School late dismissal – unplanned

Automated attendance notices

Transportation delay – unplanned

Notification of marking period end


Due date reminders

Building evacuation

Food service outstanding balances

Safety threat - other

All other announcements and reminders

*Lockout – All exterior doors are locked and no one exits or enters the building. School proceeds as usual inside the building.

Lockdown – Staff lock classroom doors, turn out lights, move students away from sightlines, and maintain silence.