Wolfpack Grade 6

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Mrs. Brenninger
Room 213

Miss Busolits
Room 209

Mr. Dulin
Room 207

Mrs. Haff
Room 206

Mr. Moyer
Room 208

Mr. Smoger
Mrs. Muthard
Room 218

Additional Support Staff:

Mrs. Lonergan
Room 120

Mrs. Stephenson
Room 119

Mrs. Moll
Room 113

Mrs. Rogers
Room 212

Our Motto

Take pride in your PACK:

Persevere through academic endeavors

Accept each other's uniqueness

Cooperate with others

Kindness in all that we do

About Our Team

Wolfpack Expectations



ELA emphasizes writing skills, PSSA formats, and reading comprehension using a wide variety of functional writing modes according to the current ELA standards. Homework is assigned throughout each week and should be written in the student's assignment book. Each student's knowledge will be assessed through writings, quizzes, projects, class participation, and homework assignments. Many of the ELA assignments will be posted and accessible through Google Classroom. Students may work on these assignments from home. Parental access to view assignments, review comments, and grades can be accessed through the student account.

Necessary Materials: 3 ring binder, notebook, pencil


College Preparatory Mathematics, as known as CPM, is a program that focuses on team based, cooperative learning through problem solving. Students will work in study teams each day and guide each other through new mathematics concepts. Team roles will be assigned to maintain engagement and facilitates group work. The teacher(s) will work as facilitator(s) and provide assistance to the teams through questions and scaffolding. Teachers will also help in summarizing and highlighting important content to strengthen student understanding. Homework will be assigned regularly and students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of processes and concepts by showing their work. Textbooks are provided within the classroom, but they are not to be removed. Students will be/are issued a username, password, and unique URL for access to their online textbook. See teacher page for further information. Math grades are determined by the following:
  • Tests
  • Homework
  • Homework Quizzes
  • Notebook Checks
  • Projects
  • Team Challenges
Necessary Materials: binder, graph paper notebook, pencil


Science will be taught using an inquiry-based method with hands-on activities and science and engineering practices using the program called TCI Bring Science Alive. “Bring Science Alive is a program built from the ground up to align to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core Standards. Bring Science Alive embodies the new vision for how science should be taught in schools–focusing on big picture concepts and teaching students how to “do science”—rather than memorize facts.”

The units of study are:

  • Problem Solving and Measurement
  • Matter
  • Waves
  • Forces and Energy

Students will have access to an online textbook and interactive science notebook. There are classroom textbook sets which will remain in the classroom. Homework will be assigned on an as needed basis and students are encouraged to record their assignments in their assignment books. Grades will be based on tests, quizzes, projects, science notebook, investigations and homework.

Necessary Materials: pocket folder, Chromebook, pencil

Social Studies

The purpose of this course is to allow students the opportunity to expand the application of social studies concepts and skills to the study of the geography, history, economics, and government of the cultural regions of the Western Hemisphere and Europe. The course will being with an introduction of the tools necessary to study geography and culture, such as elements of maps, types of maps, and tools of geographers. Using these tools, the course will then study the geography and culture of various regions around the world, before examining the economy and culture of those regions. The standards-based curriculum that has been designed will incorporate many resources, but the majority of the course will revolve around Houghton Mifflin's textbook titled World Cultures and Geography: Western Hemisphere and Europe. The regions of the world that we will focus on will include:
  • North America= United States and Canada
  • Latin America= Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America
Necessary Materials: folder, pencil


If your child is scheduled a Quest period, they will remain with that teacher throughout the entire school year. This period is used for tasks such as homework completion, make-up work, remediation, team building, etc. Most Quests start with a timed session of reading AR books prior to beginning that day's task(s).

*Assignment books are typically provided by the school and should be utilized each day. Students are to take the assignment book to class with them each day and record their homework. Additionally, assignment books should be taken home each night to ensure homework completion. If an assignment book is lost or damaged, we do not issue a replacement.

Our Chant:

Be Strong Enough to Stand Alone

Be Yourself Enough to Stand Apart

But Be Wise Enough to Stand Together


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