Welcome to the Upper Perkiomen Middle School.

Wondering what you need for the school year? Check out the school supply lists below for each grade level to help you get started. Be sure to start the school year off with all the supplies you need!

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Emergency/Closing Information

The following web sites and television stations will announce the closing or delayed opening of school:

  2. Fox 29 TV and
  3. KYW News Radio 1060AM (UP is # 282) and on and on sister TV station CBS 3
  4. NBC 10 (from 5am through "The Today Show") and on
  5. ABC 6 - Action News, Good Morning America and
  6. Channel 69 News and

Student Assistance Program (SAP) Information

Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Mission Statement
Our Mission is to assist students who may be experiencing problems with drugs, alcohol, feelings of sadness or loneliness, eating disorders or abusive relationships.

What is SAP?

SAP is the Student Assistance Program at the Upper Perkiomen Middle School. Its members are specially trained to identify and assist students who are experiencing school related problems due to substance abuse or mental health concerns.

What does the SAP Team address?

  • Mental Health concerns
  • Drug and Alcohol concerns
  • Eating Disorders
  • Other behaviors that place a student at risk

Who may make a referral?

Students are referred to the SAP Team by staff members, administrators, parents, peers and by self referral.

What happens once a referral is made?

After a student has been referred, the SAP Team gather and reviews information about the student. Recommendations for services may be offered to the student and his/her family. Services may include school based interventions and/or community based agencies.

Middle School SAP Team Members 215.541.xxxx

SAP Team Members are:

Tracy James ext. 7412

Theresa Schlatterer

Christian Fowkes ext. 7421

Beth Moll ext. 7458

Kim Berrodin

Kristyn Sparacino

Lyssa Busolits

Kathleen Rambo

Jess Dynda

Cheryl Stotsenburg

Kate Harmon

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

For safety’s sake, please use the following guidelines if you drive your child to school in the morning or pick up your child after school. Students dropped off in the morning must be dropped off at the main school entrance on Jefferson Street. Students may be dropped off between 7:20 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Please do not drop off your child in back of the school; this area is only to be used for school bus unloading. Please note: No student should be dropped off at school or walk to school before 7:20 a.m. The main entrance doors are not unlocked until 7:20 am and supervision is not available until 7:20 am.

Any student being picked up after school should be picked up on Jefferson Street near the corner of Fifth Street or Sixth Street. Please do not park across from the main school entrance on Jefferson Street and expect your child to walk across the street at this busy time of day. It is much safer for the students to walk to the corners to be picked up by a parent.

Cafeteria Prices

Student Lunch/Breakfast Prices

$2.85 Lunch
$3.10 Deli/Salad Bar
$1.35 Breakfast

Volunteer Information

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