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About the Library

The Marlborough Library is open on days 1, 2 and 5. It is closed on days 3 and 4, as Mrs. Avanzato is teaching at the 4 & 5 Grade Center.

The Mission of the Marlborough Elementary Library

The mission of the Marlborough Elementary Library is to help create students who possess necessary 21st century skills such as, problem solving, reading, researching, communication, comprehension and information literacy skills. Students will learn to effectively and efficiently use not only our library but any library. This is a prerequisite for higher education and the workforce. It is expected that these skills are acquired before they leave Upper Perkiomen School District.

What is information literacy?

Information literacy is being an effective and ethical user and finder of information. A student proficient in information literacy will be able to independently plan, retrieve, and evaluate information to determine value, appropriateness and reliability. They will also be able to navigate the ever-changing media and current events.

The Marlborough Elementary Library integrates classroom learning and 21st century library skills. Many of the units covered in library class are directly related or are an addition to classroom subjects and Pennsylvania learning standards. Library skills are mandatory in today’s technological and information-filled world. I am excited to begin this journey for your children!

What Can I Find in the Library?

We have over 18,000 print and non print resources for student and faculty use. The non fiction, biography, reference, everybody, everybody fiction and fiction sections complete our print resources. We have over 360 eBooks available for our non print resources as well as World Book Online, Safari Montage and POWER library. We have 10 chromebooks and 11 iPads in the library.

What do I need for Library?

Books are due on the cycle day in which you have library. Currently, kindergarteners and first graders check out one book every cycle, and second through fifth grade checks out two books every cycle. Each student is responsible for returning or renewing their library books at every library class.

When do I come to the Library

Full day kindergarten and all other grades have library class once or twice (twice for bonus rounds) per cycle all year long. Half day kindergarten visits during one semester of the school year. The library is open from 8:25-9:00 every day (except when the librarian travels to Hereford) for book exchange.

Library Curriculum

Kindergarten Library

Kindergartners learn about library citizenship and literature appreciation. We cover concepts and topics such as rhymes, letter recognition, letter sounds, word blends, sequence of events, making predictions, fiction vs. non fiction, story structure, the calendar, money and shapes. We take literature and find skills to address within books. Kindergartners often use the SmartBoard to begin working with technology and experiencing how learning to read can be fun!

First Grade Library

First Graders learn about library citizenship, literature appreciation, non fiction vs. fiction, the Caldecott Award, parts of a book, and fairytales. We also begin to explore researching by asking questions and learning the research model, the SUPER 3 (Plan, Do, Review). Through literature, First Graders also get practice with skills such as comparing and contrasting, making predictions, journal writing, author and illustrator studies, summaries, details in stories and the main idea and parts of a sentence. Some of the Science and Social Studies units covered in First Grade are communities, weather and seasons, and heroes and symbols in our community.

Second Grade Library

Second graders learn about library citizenship, literature appreciation, folktales and fables, dictionaries, biographies, parts of a book and poetry. Through these genres of literature, we also learn about authors and illustrators, researching (focusing on the main idea and details), the thesaurus, comparing and contrasting, data and graphs, endangered species and traditions, customs and diversity. Second graders also begin learning about how the library is organized and how to find resources using the OPAC. While researching, second graders continue to use the SUPER 3 Research Model.

Third Grade Library

Third Graders learn about library citizenship, literature appreciation, the OPAC, non fiction vs. fiction, broken fairytales, authors and illustrators and we focus more on researching. Third graders also explore eBooks, literature genres, the public library, book talks, timelines, almanacs and world record books and persuasive writing. We do a large Native American unit and discuss holidays.

Fourth Grade Library

Fourth Graders learn about library citizenship, literature appreciation, the OPAC, the dewey decimal system, Cinderella variations, pourquoi folktales, biographies, mysteries and researching. Other topics touched in fourth grade are bibliographies, eBooks, World Book Online, copyright, creative commons, atlases, the Newbery Award, quotes and proverbs, magazines, newspapers, reference tools, book talks, and a new research model, the BIG 6.

Fifth Grade Library

Fifth Graders learn about library citizenship, literature appreciation, the OPAC, the dewey decimal system, tall tales, non fiction vs. fiction, research, poetry, POWERlibary and web based research. More specifically, we touch on encyclopedias (World Book Online and print encyclopedias), plagiarism, reliable sources, book reviews, bibliographies and work cited, creative commons, book trailers, the BIG 6 research model, primary and secondary sources, diaries, interviews, book talks and blogs.

Library Staff

The Marlborough Elementary Library is staffed with one librarian on days 1, 2 and 5.  It is closed on days 3 & 4.

The 4 and 5 Grade library is staffed with a librarian daily.  It is closed on day 5.

Meet Mrs. Avanzato

Mrs. Avanzato received her Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education from the State University of New York at Oswego in 2009. She grew up in Cooperstown, NY so she is used to the snowy winters! She moved to Pennsylvania in 2009 and began working on her Master's Degree in Education with a concentration in School Library Science. She received her school library teaching certificate and graduated with her Master's Degree in August 2011, just in time to begin teaching at Marlborough Elementary.

Contact Information

K-5 Librarian - Beth Avanzato,

Phone: (215) 541-7299 extension 7230


All library activities and projects are done in the library. Homework or outside work is not required.


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