Playground & Cafeteria Volunteers

We encourage parents to volunteer in our classrooms and help out in our school. Parents can volunteer to help out during lunch and recess times. See the information below if you are interested. All of our playground and cafeteria volunteers must have their clearances on file in the district office before entering the building to assist. Contact the main office at 215-541-7299 or or to verify that your clearances are up to date. 

Cafeteria Volunteer- Sign Up Here

Duties include: supervision of children, assisting with opening and closing food items and lunchboxes, cleaning up spills, talking with students, cleaning up trash and food items and being a friendly face!

Playground Volunteer- Sign Up Here

Duties include: supervision of students, providing care for minor cuts and bumps, providing a listening ear, ensuring safe play and ensuring students are keeping hands to self and enjoying time with kids!