Guidance Office


At Marlborough Elementary School the guidance counselor has many duties. The counselor welcomes new students by giving tours to them and their families upon request.

There are many times that students are having concerns that they need to work through. Our guidance counselor is available to meet individually with these students, as well as work with small groups helping students to build skills.

Several times a year the guidance counselor presents a guidance lesson to all of the grades. Appropriate themes are shared at each grade level. The lessons are presented to each individual classroom.

The guidance counselor is the 504 service plan coordinator for the school, as well as a member of the IST (Instructional Support Team) and SAP (Student Assistance Program) teams, working with children and parents.

The main duty of the guidance counselor is to assist children to be the very best they can be. Doing this may require individual or group work; charting and goal setting; as well as working with teachers and parents.

The guidance counselor can be reached by calling 215-541-7299 ext. 7219

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