Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Amy Lychock

The Upper Perkiomen High School's Student Council is composed of student council members, officials, and an advisor. A cabinet consisting of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and student advisor are elected at the end of every school year to serve their term for the following year. The selection of the council members occurs at the beginning of the school year as students who wish to join fill out a petition and obtain their fellow classmates' signatures. It is open to any student that wants to seize the opportunity to have their voice heard on how the school functions. Student Council has no limit on the number of students they will accept. The members decide what activities will be sponsored by the Council, plan them, and then advertise and promote them. The student council generally meets on Wednesdays after school.

Student Council is responsible for many different activities for the student's enjoyment throughout the year. The activities include: Spirit Week, Homecoming Dance, talent shows, Halloween costume contest, parades, etc.

We welcome new ideas and members. To become a member: pick up a membership petition form in the office or outside Mrs. Lychock's art room. Membership is only open in the beginning of the school year. Be sure to check the deadline!

Student Council Constitution Upper Perkiomen High School


As the students of the Upper Perkiomen High School, we establish this constitution for the Student Council of the Upper Perkiomen High School, in order that the students themselves might possess the power and responsibility, with the aid of the entire school personnel, to carry out the activities for the improvement of the school.

Article I

The name of this organization shall be "The Student Council of the Upper Perkiomen High School."

Article II

The purpose of the Student Council shall be:

I. To develop student responsibility, initiative, leadership, and school pride.

2. To promote the welfare of the school through proper student, faculty, and administration relationships.

3. To act as a sounding board for student opinion.

4. To function as a center from which radiated the activities of the school.

5. To promote friendly relations between school and community.

6. To promote friendly relations between Upper Perkiomen High School and other High Schools.

7. To permit students to participate in self -government to the extent of their ability.

Article III


Section I

Five officers shall be elected in accordance with Article IV.

Section II

Members shall be chosen from the class at large by means of petition in the following article.

Article IV

Election of the Officers

Section I

The officers of the Student Council shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisory Assistant.

Section II

1. The president shall be a senior. The Vice-president, Secretary , Treasurer, and Advisory Assistant may be from any grade, but will be chosen by the presidential candidate during elections.

2. No student council executive officer shall hold any executive offices in other school organizations.

Section III

During the first week in April in each school year, members of the Junior class who desire to be candidates for president of Student Council for the following year shall receive from the council, nomination petitions that must be properly executed and signed by 75 students and 5 teachers. In addition, the candidates need to secure written recommendations from two teachers. These petitions and recommendations must be returned to the Council on or before the second week in April, Friday.

Before filing a petition, the presidential candidate and his/her cabinet members must meet the following requirements:

1. Served a minimum of one year on Student Council. (President only)

2. Have a scholastic average of a "C" or better.

3. A satisfactory attendance record.

4. A record free from serious disciplinary problems, such as, fighting cheating, insubordination etc.

Section IV

Each Presidential candidate shall choose his/her cabinet; Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisory Assistant; to run in the general election. The parties shall be introduced to the student body in a Friday assembly. The parties may campaign for one week prior to and one week following the introduction assembly.

Section V

Seniors shall not be permitted to vote in any Student Council sanctioned election.

Section VI

The general election shall be held on Monday, one-week following the Friday's assembly and shall be conducted by the student council and it's sponsors who shall:

1. Provide the necessary ballots and other equipment.

2. Polling place either voting machines or general assembly.

3. Serve as the Election Board (count the ballots).

Section VII

Tie vote: In the occurrence of a tie vote on the election of the officers of the council, there will be a re-vote by the members of the council.

Section VIII

All officers shall assume their duties at the time of the opening of the academic school year in the year in which they were elected and shall continue in office until the end of the year .

Section IX

On the first week of the academic year, elections for student council representatives will be made available in all 9th, lOth, 11th, and 12th grade homerooms.

Article V


Section I

The regular meetings of the Student Council shall take place as indicated on the activity schedule. Meetings shall take place after school or during school hours with the approval of administration.

Section II

Special meetings may be held at the request of a quorum, ( consisting of one half of the Student Council members, the advisor(s), the President or the Principal).

Section III

The meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

Section IV

Faculty members may speak before the Council upon request or if called upon by the Council.

Section V

All motions, which have been passed automatically, become laws.

Article VI

Power of the Council

Section I

The powers of the Council shall be:

1. To develop and adopt such by-laws as may be necessary, provided they do not conflict with the elements and spirit of the constitution.

2. To make all rules and regulations necessary to carry out its duties for the general welfare of the school.

3. To be conscious of the students' welfare at all times.

4. To create, authorize, supervise, and coordinate committees for specialized activities or service.

5. To consider, upon being properly petitioned, policies, activities, and changes recommended by the students or teachers.

6. To organize, promote, and supervise general and special elections, provide certified registration lists, polling places, ballot officials, and all other equipment materials and personnel.

7. To provide for referendum and recall elections upon petition of 25% of the student body.

8. To establish and regulate (enforce regulation) for social events and public function.

9. All matters involving the spending of money by the council must have a potential benefit for the majority of the student body or community.

Section II

The administration and advisor(s) have the legal power to veto or dismiss actions with sufficient reason upon discussion with delegated Student Council.

Section III

Duties of Student Council Members shall be:

1. To attend meetings regularly and promptly.

2. To willingly participate at meetings and activities.

3. To present student ideas and opinions.

4. Act as liaison between Student Council and the student body.

5. To carry out delegated duties willingly.

Section IV

Student Council members should meet these qualifications:

1. A sense of responsibility.

2. A scholastic average of at least a "C".

3. Free of serious discipline problems, such as but not limited to, fighting, cheating, insubordination, etc.

4. A wholesome character.

5. A cooperative spirit.

Section V

Failure to attend two meetings in succession or a total of four, unless the Council member has been excused by authorized school projects, sports, or field trips and has had the excuse of the Secretary, will result in suspension from the Student Council. The dismissal shall be decided by the Student Council executive officers and the advisor(s).

Section VI

Vacancies having been created in Section V or VI shall be filled by Student Council selection from the remaining nominees.

Article VII

Relationship of the Administration and Advisor(s) to the Council

Section I

A capable advisor(s) shall be appointed to guide the Council. He/she shall be one who is willing to give his/her time freely and one who has the knowledge of the functions and proceedings of such an organization.

Section II

Meeting of the Student Council should not be interrupted at any time except upon specific request addressed to the Council or President.

Section III

None of the funds of the Council shall be spent in any way, by anyone, without the permission of the Council. Such findings should reflect a positive benefit for the majority of the student body and/or the community.

Section IV

Advisors shall be appointed by the administration

Article VIII

The Council shall be permitted to hold dances and such affairs to defray the expense of the Council, and to purchase such items as may be deemed necessary to improve the school. In this way the Council can serve the student body by providing activities for the students.