Leo Club

Who Are the Lions? We are members of the world's largest service organization. There are nearly 1,400,000 members in over 44,000 clubs in 200 geographic areas. The Upper Perkiomen Valley Lions Club is comprised of leading citizens totaling more the 45 men and women. From the start, the emphasis has been on service in all forms to less fortunate members of the community.

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Faculty Advisers


English/Communication 10-12
High School


English/Communication 10-12
High School

Leos in Action


2019 Blood Drive

Eyeglasses Donations

Not Everyone can afford to see an eye doctor. Let alone afford prescription glasses. In many third world countries people are left jobless because they cannot see clearly. Their families depend on their income but first they need a small miracle. This is where we come in.

In coordination with the Lions Club, Mrs. Rushatz organizes eye-wear to be given to the Lions for distribution to those in need or recycled. Money earned from recycling efforts is donated by the Leo Club to families in need or non-profit organizations.

Redner's Save-A-Tape

Collect/Save Redner's Receipts! 1% of the bill could be used to support our club's goals! 1% does not sound like a lot, but many families spend $1000/month on groceries. That's $10 a month / $120 a year!