SAP Program

The Upper Perkiomen High School SAP (Student Assistance Program) Team is a student assistance program consisting of school staff and community agency personnel whose mission is to identify and refer at-risk students to appropriate in-school or community services. Difficulties in school may be due to some of the following reasons: behavior problems, health issues including drug and alcohol use and mental health concerns, and attendance. The goal of SAP is to help students “get back on track” educationally through various support programs.

Students can be referred by school staff, parents, peers, or self-referral. A concerned individual may talk to any SAP member including the guidance counselors. Students may also place a referral form in the SAP box which is located in the library.

SAP members: Rob Carpenter, Arthur Vigilante, Todd Amsler, John Gunning, Kimberly Kelly, Leanne LeGendre, Angela Traub, Lora Mayer, Tasha Rushatz, Shane Thrush, Regina Lundquist, Jim McFadden, Katrina Harmon, Chad Rutherford, Bunny Krogslund, and Sulyn Godsey (Creative Health Services).

The SAP Referral Form, along with helpful County contact numbers, can be downloaded below.

ACT Program Referral Pamphlet

Click below to download the SAP/ACT Flyer:


Crisis Hotlines

Montgomery County Children’s Crisis Support 1-888-435-7414

This is a crisis service operating 24 hours each day, 7 days each week. If a child residing in Montgomery County is experiencing a crisis there is always someone to talk to for support and also a mobile crisis team available to assist in the home.

Berks County Crisis Support 610-236-0530

This is the crisis number at Service Access & Management (Reading). This service can be called for children residing in Berks County. There is a hotline for phone support as well as mobile crisis available to come out to the home.

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