MCCC Dual Enrollment

Simple Steps To Register ONLINE for

Dual Credit courses taken at your high school

  • 1)Apply Online. If this is the first time you are taking a college course with MCCC, please complete the FREE online dual enrollment application at If you have taken college courses at MCCC, go to Step 2.
  • a)Be sure to enter your name as it appears on your birth certificate (no nicknames).
  • b)If you do not know your social security number, please check with your parent/guardian as this is a required field in the application.
  • 2)Get your MCCC ID number. Go to to find out your MCCC ID number. You will need your MCCC ID number to complete the online dual enrollment registration form next.
  • 3)Submit the Dual Credit Registration/Release Form Online. Go to to complete the online dual credit registration. Note: You will need to list your parent’s name, phone number, and email address to complete your online registration.
  • a)Complete the student information portion of the online Dual Credit Registration/Release Form.
  • b)Select your high school, and then select the dual credit course(s) you are taking at your high school.
  • c)Enter your electronic signature on the form and hit submit.
  • 4)Ask your parent/guardian to complete the Parent Permission/Release Form online. Your parent/guardian will be emailed a link to this form. Please contact the Help Desk at 215-641-6495 or if you have not received the parent release form within one hour of submitting the dual credit registration form. Your registration cannot be processed unless this form is completed so please make sure your parent/guardian completes this as soon as possible.
  • 5)Look for your Invoice. Once your parent enters an electronic signature and submits the registration/release form, your form will be processed. MCCC will mail an invoice to your home. Please pay attention to the due date on the invoice to make sure you pay on time. Do not bring money to school.
  • 6)If you need to drop or withdraw from the class, you must submit the proper paperwork to MCCC by the deadline. The form is available at

Optional: Students may grant electronic access to their educational records (e.g.: student class schedule, billing information, and grades) to their parents or other individuals through the use of the Proxy Account Access system. Please go to for more information on how to configure and use this system.