Mr. Michael Cianchetta

Mr. Michael Cianchetta

E-MAIL: mcianchetta@UPSD.ORG

About me:

Educational Background:

Since the late 1990's, I have been a member of the Upper Perkiomen High School Social Studies Department. Most of that time has been spent working with Sophomores. For several years, I had the opportunity to teach Advanced Placement United States History. This school year I am teaching Honors 10 Social Studies for Sophomores, AP World History for Sophomores, and AP European History for Seniors. I am one of two faculty advisors in the Community Service Program. Currently, I am serving as the Social Studies Department Chair for the fifth year.

I completed my undergraduate work at East Stroudsburg State College working toward a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education/Social Studies with emphasis on American History and Government. Later, as a graduate assistant at East Stroudsburg, I completed several master's level history courses which I eventually transferred to Wilkes University for matriculation. While enrolled at Wilkes University, I completed my Master's degree in Educational Strategies and Instructional design. Since then, additional coursework was completed through Gratz College. Continuous in-serving has demonstrated my commitment to lifelong learning.

Contact Information: Room: 411 | Phone: 215-679-5935 X 7106 | Email:

Room 411

OFFICE HOURS: (Mod # 1 - Prep Period)

Courses and schedule:

AP World History: Mod 2 ODD Fall and Spring

AP European History: Mod 2 EVEN Fall and Spring

Honors 10 Social Studies (1): Mod 3 every day Fall

Honors 10 Social Studies(2): Mod 3 every day Spring

Honors 10 Social Studies(3): Mod 4 every day Spring

Required materials: A 3-ring binder, a fully charged laptop, and writing implements.

Mr. Cianchetta"s Schoology: - contact me for access code

Honors 10 Social Studies