This page lists the various academic departments in the High School.

Business / Computer Department

Ms. Debra Burns
Courses: Career Exploration; Web Design I & II
(H.S. Webmaster)

Mrs. Monica Griffith
Courses: Accounting I, II; Desktop Publishing; Career Exploration; Advanced Publications I and II; Freshman Prep
(Yearbook Advisor)

Mr. Daniel Hawthorne
Courses: Digital Media; Computer Programming; AP Computer Science; Marketing; Presentation Software; Freshman Prep; Creative Technologies
(Yearbook Business Advisor)

Mrs. Diane Brust
Courses: Professional Communications I, II; Freshman Prep;Creative Technologies

Mr. John Williamson
Courses: Spreadsheet/Database I & II; Personal Finance; Freshman Prep; Creative Technologies
(FBLA Advisor)

English Department

Ms. Alicia Austin: 9th Grade Academic English; AP Language & Composition 11th Grade; Musical Theatre I and II, (Drama Club & Director of School Musical)

Mr. Michael Calvello: 9th Grade Academic English; 9th Grade Honors English

Mr. Brian Hansley: 11th Grade Honors, 11th Grade Academic, Film as Literature

Mrs. Danielle Hawthorne: 10th and 11th Grade English, (Leos Club Adviser)

Mr. Timothy Herbert: Academic English 12; Applied English 12; AP Literature & Composition

Mr. Vince Leskusky: 9-10 Gifted Humanities; AP Literature; and 11th American Literature

Ms. Tasha Rushatz: 10th Grade Academic and Honors English

Mr. Dave Thomas (UPN/UPTV Director): UPTV, UPN Production, Film Production, Sports Broadcasting & Multimedia Storytelling

Mrs. Rachel Schmeckenbecher: 11th Academic, 9th Academic, Spanish II

Fine Arts Department

Mrs. Amy Lychock
Courses: Intro to Art; Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Art Appreciation; Textiles & 3D Design; Fine Arts

Mrs. Lora Mayer
Courses: Intro to Art, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Art History; Crafts and 3D Design; Fine Arts

Ms. Kierstin Levan
Courses: Music & Film; H.S. Band; Instrumental Lessons; Band Director

Dr. Mark Thomas
Courses: "A" Choir; Uptones; "B" Choir; Orchestra, Instrumental and Vocal Lessons; Orchestra and Choir Director

Math Department

Mr. Kenneth Eicheldinger
Courses: Algebra II; III; III Honors; Statistics

Mrs. Susan Flack
Courses: Algebra I; Algebra II; Algebra II Honors; Geometry

Ms. Ruth Guenther
Courses: Algebra I Part 1

Mr. Dean Kelly
Courses: PreCalculus; Geometry

Mr. Benjamin Kunkle
Courses: Algebra III; Statistics; AP Statistics

Mrs. Caren Miller
Courses: Calculus; AP Calculus; Geometry; Geometry Honors

Mr. Clayton Mowrer
Courses: Algebra II; Algebra III

Mr. Matthew Nomland
Courses: Geometry; Geometry Honors; Algebra II

Mrs. Meredith Wickard
Courses: Algebra I; II; Geometry

Physical Education

Mr. Christopher Bieler
Courses: Physical Education 9-12; Fitness/Sports Nutrition

Mrs. Lori Cascioli
Courses: Physical Education 9-12; Aquatics; Adapted Physical Education; Health I

Mr. Christopher Lonergan
Courses: Health I; Physical Education 9-12

Mr. Frank Mercon
Courses: Health Education II; Fitness/Sports Nutrition; Physical Education 9-12

Technology Education

Science Department

Mr. Matthew Austin
Courses: AP Biology; Academic Biology; Comprehensive Biology

Mr. Andrew Graham
Courses: Biology

Mrs. Veronica Neff
Courses: Chemistry; Chemistry IA; Integrated Science Systems

Ms. Jen Rosch
Courses: Integrated Science Systems; Energy, Matter and Motion

Mr. Richard Staniec
Courses: Integrated Science Systems

Mr. Michael Tirjan
Courses: Integrated Science Systems; Energy, Matter, and Motion; Physics; Environmental Science

Social Studies Department

Mrs. Lori Barsh
Courses: AP Psychology, Social Studies 10

Mr. Michael Cianchetta
Courses: Grade 10 Honors & Academic Social Studies; AP US History; AP World History; Community Service Faculty Advisor

Mr. Tom Hontz
Courses: 11th Grade Social Studies; Gifted Social Studies 9 and 10

Mrs. Alicia Mata
Courses: 9th & 11th Grade Social Studies; Contemporary Political Issues

Ms. Colby Phillips
Courses: Social Studies Grade 9 Academic and Honors
(NHS Advisor)

Mr. Brian Michael Peoples
Courses: 11th Grade Social Studies; AP US History

Special Education

Ms. Joan Adducie
Courses: Emotional Support

Ms. Jennifer Bamford
Courses: Life Skills Reading/Math; Applied Life Skills; Vocational Training; Transition Support
(Special Olympics Advisor)

Ms. Tammy Day
Courses: Support Services

Mrs. Laura Hilehoffer
Courses: English 9; English 10-12

Mr. Robert LaSalle
Courses: Support Math

Mr. Todd Niemann
Courses: Mindfulness Instructor, Support Services

Ms. Tara Purcell
Courses: Multiple Disabilities Support

Ms. Melissa Swope
Courses: Read 180 & System 44

Mr. Shane Thrush
Courses: Transition Coordinator

Ms. Christina Willett
Courses: Autistic Support

World Language Department

Mrs. Petra Marx-Abend
Courses: German I, II, III, IV

Mrs. Rachel Schmeckenbecher
Courses: Spanish I; English 9; English 12; Gifted