This page lists the various academic departments in the High School.

Business / Computer Department

  • The Business, Computer and Information Technology Department of Upper Perkiomen School District is dedicated to preparing all students for a rapidly changing world by expanding each student’s knowledge and skills in business, computer and information technology. We believe the knowledge, skills and ethics taught are necessary for active, life-long participation in a global, informational society—fostering success in one’s personal life, college study and career choice.

Ms. Debra Burns
Courses: Career Exploration; Web Design I & II
(H.S. Webmaster)

Mrs. Monica Griffith
Courses: Accounting I, II; Desktop Publishing; Career Exploration; Advanced Publications I and II; Freshman Prep
(Yearbook Advisor)

Mr. Daniel Hawthorne
Courses: Digital Media; Computer Programming; AP Computer Science; Marketing; Presentation Software; Freshman Prep; Creative Technologies
(Yearbook Business Advisor)

Mrs. Diane Brust
Courses: Professional Communications I, II; Freshman Prep;Creative Technologies

Mr. John Williamson
Courses: Spreadsheet/Database I & II; Personal Finance; Freshman Prep; Creative Technologies
(FBLA Advisor)

English Department

  • The Upper Perkiomen ELA educators empower students K-12 to become life-long readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers by engaging students in meaningful and authentic literacy experiences.

Ms. Alicia Austin: 9th Grade Academic English; AP Language & Composition 11th Grade; Musical Theatre I and II, (Drama Club & Director of School Musical)

Mr. Michael Calvello: 9th Grade Academic English; 9th Grade Honors English

Mr. Brian Hansley: 11th Grade Honors, 11th Grade Academic, Film as Literature

Mrs. Danielle Hawthorne: 10th and 11th Grade English, (Leos Club Adviser)

Mr. Timothy Herbert: Academic English 12; Applied English 12; AP Literature & Composition

Mr. Vince Leskusky: 9-10 Gifted Humanities; AP Literature; and 11th American Literature

Ms. Tasha Rushatz: 10th Grade Academic and Honors English

Mr. Dave Thomas (UPN/UPTV Director): UPTV, UPN Production, Film Production, Sports Broadcasting, TV/Film Two

Mrs. Rachel Schmeckenbecher: 11th Academic, 9th Academic, Spanish II

Fine Arts Department

Our mission is to make the arts accessible and relevant to all students while nurturing a lifelong appreciation of the arts in a global community.

Mrs. Amy Lychock
Courses: Intro to Art; Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Art Appreciation; Textiles & 3D Design; Fine Arts

Mrs. Lora Mayer
Courses: Intro to Art, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Art History; Crafts and 3D Design; Fine Arts

Ms. Kierstin Levan
Courses: Music & Film; H.S. Band; Instrumental Lessons; Band Director

Dr. Mark Thomas
Courses: "A" Choir; Uptones; "B" Choir; Orchestra, Instrumental and Vocal Lessons; Orchestra and Choir Director

Math Department

  • The mission of the Math Program is to empower all students to achieve their goals by helping them develop critical thinking, problem solving, and mathematical skills in order to inspire students to pursue mathematics with enthusiasm and confidence.

Mr. Kenneth Eicheldinger

Courses: Algebra II; III; III Honors; Statistics

Mrs. Susan Flack
Courses: Algebra I; Algebra II; Algebra II Honors; Geometry

Mr. Dean Kelly

Courses: PreCalculus; Geometry

Mr. Benjamin Kunkle
Courses: Algebra III; Statistics; AP Statistics

Mrs. Caren Miller
Courses: Calculus; AP Calculus; Geometry; Geometry Honors

Mr. Clayton Mowrer
Courses: Algebra II; Algebra III

Mr. Matthew Nomland
Courses: Geometry; Geometry Honors; Algebra II

Mrs. Meredith Wickard
Courses: Algebra I; II; Geometry

Physical Education

  • It is the goal of the Upper Perkiomen Health and Physical Education department to empower all students to make lifelong positive decisions by giving them opportunities to develop physical, mental, and social skills. All students, K-12, must participate in a comprehensive and sequential health and physical education program that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mr. Christopher Bieler
Courses: Physical Education 9-12; Fitness/Sports Nutrition

Mrs. Lori Cascioli
Courses: Physical Education 9-12; Aquatics; Adapted Physical Education; Health I

Mr. Christopher Lonergan
Courses: Health I; Physical Education 9-12

Mr. Frank Mercon
Courses: Health Education II; Fitness/Sports Nutrition; Physical Education 9-12

Technology Education

The Technology Education Department will use innovative technologies to empower every student to achieve at their highest potential. Students will be nurtured in a creative and iterative environment where they will learn through problem solving and hands-on activities in real world applications. Authentic partnerships will be formed through community and district relationships fostered within and beyond the classroom.

Mr. Blake Bardman: Energy Systems, Ceramics; Engineering Design; Architectural Design; Multi-Material Engineering & Design

Mr. Dan Moyer: Creative Design & Engineering; Team Design & Manufacturing; Multi-Material Manufacturing; Advanced Custom Fabrication

Mr. Dave Thomas (UPN/UPTV Director): UPTV, UPN Production, Film Production, Sports Broadcasting & Multimedia Storytelling

Science Department

The mission of Upper Perkiomen School District’s Science department is to develop learners who engage in the scientific process while fostering a lifelong curiosity in a dynamic and ever-changing world.

Mr. Matthew Austin
Courses: AP Biology; Academic Biology; Comprehensive Biology

Mr. Andrew Graham
Courses: Biology

Mrs. Veronica Neff
Courses: Chemistry; Chemistry IA; Integrated Science Systems

Ms. Jen Rosch
Courses: Integrated Science Systems; Energy, Matter and Motion

Mr. Richard Staniec
Courses: Integrated Science Systems

Mr. Michael Tirjan
Courses: Integrated Science Systems; Energy, Matter, and Motion; Physics; Environmental Science

Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Program aims to foster cultural literacy and prepare students for active citizenship in a global world. We develop social responsibility, critical thinking, and sense of self through speaking, reading and writing, and use of technology.

Mrs. Lori Barsh
Courses: AP Psychology, Social Studies 10

Mr. Michael Cianchetta
Courses: Grade 10 Honors & Academic Social Studies; AP US History; AP World History; Community Service Faculty Advisor

Mr. Tom Hontz
Courses: 11th Grade Social Studies; Gifted Social Studies 9 and 10

Mrs. Alicia Mata
Courses: 9th & 11th Grade Social Studies; Contemporary Political Issues

Ms. Colby Phillips
Courses: Social Studies Grade 9 Academic and Honors
(NHS Advisor)

Mr. Brian Michael Peoples
Courses: 11th Grade Social Studies; AP US History

Special Education

Ms. Joan Adducie
Courses: Emotional Support

Ms. Jennifer Bamford
Courses: Life Skills Reading/Math; Applied Life Skills; Vocational Training; Transition Support
(Special Olympics Advisor)

Ms. Tammy Day
Courses: Support Services

Mrs. Laura Hilehoffer
Courses: English 9; English 10-12

Mr. Robert LaSalle
Courses: Support Math

Mr. Todd Niemann
Courses: Mindfulness Instructor, Support Services

Ms. Tara Purcell
Courses: Multiple Disabilities Support

Ms. Melissa Swope
Courses: Read 180 & System 44

Mr. Shane Thrush
Courses: Transition Coordinator

Ms. Christina Willett
Courses: Autistic Support

World Language Department

  • World language students at Upper Perkiomen High School develop a high level of oral and written proficiency and build strong cultural connections through the use of innovative technologies in order to expand their perspectives beyond the classroom.

Mrs. Petra Marx-Abend
Courses: German I, II, III, IV

Mrs. Rachel Schmeckenbecher
Courses: Spanish I; English 9; English 12; Gifted