Carpenter's Corner

Recently, many individuals in the Upper Perkiomen Valley received an extremely racist and inappropriate letter. As I mentioned last year in a Carpenter’s Corner, we need to focus on treating individuals with Respect. I can’t say this any other way: ALL students and adults at Upper Perkiomen High School must be treated with respect regardless of race, creed, religion, and sexual orientation.

Too often we dwell upon the negative within our society. We are constantly bombarded on the social media and news shows with negativity and what is wrong with our society.

With that said, I want to focus on someone who is doing something positive in our community. Erin Dunphy, student at UPHS, took it upon herself to address the aformentioned hateful letter by creating a gofundme account titled, “Stand Up to Hate in Upper Perk.” Erin’s goal was to raise funds to purchase Hate has no home here signs to be distributed within the Valley. With the help of donors, Erin was able to purchase over 100 signs. I want to thank Erin for taking the initiative to combat hate in a loving, peaceful, and productive manner. Thank you Erin and thank you to all of the other Erins in our community who refuse to give in to negativity.

If you have any contributions related to the school, please contact me and I may include it in an upcoming newsletter. Feel free to contact me at 215-679-5935 or if you have questions or concerns. You can also follow us @upperperkhs and also our new UPN (Upper Perkiomen Network) @UPnewsteam on Twitter.

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