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2018-2019 Keystone Testing Information:

3 Hour Delay Start

January 10, 2019: Module 2 Biology 7:40AM - 10:30AM

Module 2 Algebra 7:40AM - 10:30AM

Class Schedule On 3 Hour Delay Start Testing Days

Make-Up Dates with regular schedule

January 11, 2019

January 14, 2019

  • January 7-10 Buses will be operating on a normal schedule and will pick up students in the morning at their regularly scheduled time. Any student taking a Keystone exam must report to their assigned testing room by 7:40 AM on their scheduled testing date(s). Students not testing must report to their first Mod class by 10:40 AM. Students who are not testing but arrive at school prior to 10:30 AM on scheduled testing days will report to the Cafeteria or Library until 10:30 AM.
  • Passes will be distributed in Home Room to those students who must take a Keystone Exam detailing what date(s) they are testing, what exam they are taking, and the room number they are scheduled to test in. Passes will be distributed today during PM X-Period and Friday, January 4, 2019 during a brief administrative home room.
  • Student testing assignments, testing locations, and testing dates are also posted outside the guidance office and in the coffee shop area for you to access.
  • NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED. Students are not permitted to be in possession of a cell phone or any other electronic device during Keystone testing. This includes smart watches.
  • Students must use #2 Pencils to complete the Keystone exam.
  • Please be sure to get adequate sleep the night prior to any scheduled testing days so you are rested and ready for the exam.
  • Please be sure to eat a good breakfast the morning of any schedule testing days so you are fueled and can focus on the exam.
  • Take your time, don’t rush and try your best. Students will be given extended time if needed to fully complete the exam.
  • Please be sure to fully complete all questions and sections of the exam before turning your exam in to the testing proctor. Once exams have been handed in, they will not be redistributed for you to make corrections or complete missed questions or sections.
  • You may bring a book or magazine to read quietly after you have finished the exam. The reading material you bring may not be related to the content of the exam you are taking. You are not permitted to work on homework or school work after the exam.
  • When all students in your testing room have completed testing and the Keystone Exams have been removed from the testing room and checked in by your teacher testing proctor, you will be allowed to work on HW, utilize your laptops and other electronic devices to make productive use of any remaining testing time. Please bring your laptop and any other work you would like to complete with you to the testing room if you wish to work productively after your room has completed testing and exams have been removed from the room. These items will be stored at the front of the room during Keystone testing. Students will have access to them after the exams have been removed from the room and have been checked in.
  • AM Tech students who have completed testing will report to the Audion for Mod 1&2. AM Tech students not taking a Keystone exam will attend Tech at their regularly scheduled time. Upon returning to UPHS they will report to the Audion for Mod 1&2. PM Tech students will need to be dismissed from their first class of the day at 11:05AM. PM tech students who are taking a Keystone exam but have not completed their testing by 11:05AM will not be dismissed to attend Tech. They must stay and complete their Keystone exam.
  • AM Tech students will eat first lunch and then report back to the Audion after lunch.
  • Please make sure to arrive on time the day(s) you are scheduled to take a Keystone exam. If you arrive late after materials have been distributed and directions being explained, you will not be admitted to the testing room and you will be required to complete the missed module during the make-up window.


Semester I January 15-18, 2019





Mod 1 Exam ODD 7:40-9:20

Mod 3 Exam ODD 7:40-9:20 No AM Tech

Mod 1 Exam EVEN 7:40-9:20

Mod 3 Exam EVEN 7:40 - 9:20 NO AM Tech

Mod 2 Exam ODD 9:25-10:55

Mod 4 Exam ODD 9:25-10:55 No AM Tech

Mod 2 Exam EVEN 9:25-10:55

Mod 4 Exam EVEN 9:25-10:55 No AM Tech

Normal Mod 3 PM Tech Reports

PM Tech reports MAKE-UPS

PM Tech reports MAKE-UPS

PM Tech reports MAKE-UPS

Normal Mod 4 PM Tech Reports

PM Tech reports MAKE-UPS

PM Tech reports MAKE-UPS

PM Tech reports MAKE-UPS

Regular bus transportation will be observed.

Regular class schedules will be followed January 15th

AM Tech reports to UPHS for finals on January 16th and January 18th

AM Tech reports to Tech as usual on January 15th & 17th

PM Tech reports to UPHS for finals on January 17th

PM Tech goes each day and must report to Tech bus by 11:00.

Feel free to contact me at 215-679-5935 or if you have questions or concerns. You can also follow us @upperperkhs and @UPnewsteam on Twitter.

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