Mission Statement

"Upper Perkiomen High School fosters an environment that accentuates an atmosphere of responsibility, cooperation, respect for others, as well as a healthy self-esteem. In this atmosphere, every student will have the opportunity to explore his/her potential, and establish the foundation for a complete and successful life, which includes an understanding of, and a belief in, a lifetime of learning in a rapidly changing world."


  • To teach the student to think and communicate effectively
  • To help him/her gain an understanding of the democratic tradition, society, and values
  • To make available important areas of knowledge
  • To equip the student with general skills and basic vocational education
  • To strengthen the student's inner resources and make him/her aware that life is a process of change and adjustment
  • To develop the desire to pursue excellence
  • To develop an appreciation of beauty in all phases of life

Upper Perkiomen High School
2 Walt Road
Pennsburg, PA 18073
Phone: (215) 679-5935
Fax: (215) 679-0911