The Hereford Parents and Teachers for Students (P.T.F.S.) would like to welcome you to Hereford Elementary School for the coming year. Our organization helps enhance the quality of your child's education through various P.T.F.S. sponsored activities and contribute to the costs of all field trips.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year. Flyers will be sent home prior to each activity for those interested in participating. Please contact the school office for more details.

The Hereford P.T.F.S. functions with the strong support of parents such as yourself. What we require is a little of your time, energy and ideas to provide the very best educational experience for your child. We look forward to meeting new parents and having a wonderful year.

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month in the Hereford LGI Room. Everyone is welcome to attend.




    Do you have questions? What is I.S.T., Title 1 or Read to Succeed? Can I be a volunteer parent? What is the Hereford Hike? What is the Ways & Means committee? Can parents help with the yearbook? Why do we collect Boxtops? Can I bring my younger child to events at school? Whom do I call when I want to get involved with school functions? What is P.T.F.S. all about? Can I help out from home or at nights or on weekends? I am home during the day, are there opportunities to help during the day? If you are new to the school and have questions like these, please consider pairing up with a seasoned 3rd or 4th grade parent through our Mentor Program. If you have been at the school for awhile, consider being a Mentor.
    This is our first and biggest fund-raiser. A course is laid out on the playground and the children walk around the course counting laps with the help of volunteers. The volunteers mark each lap on a "lap card". Children obtain sponsors to make a flat donation or pledge a particular amount of money for each lap completed. Children have an opportunity to win various prizes for all of their efforts.
    Volunteers are needed on the day of the hike to set up the course, count laps and assist with the morning kindergartners. This committee is responsible for contacting local businesses and requesting donations for prizes. Making phone calls and picking up prizes is also a way to volunteer your time for this committee. Additional responsibilities include counting the donations, determining prize winners and assisting with the awards assembly.
    The Holiday Bazaar is a Christmas tradition. This is a highly anticipated and well-attended event. The chairperson is responsible for the operation of the event by organizing and collecting raffle prizes, securing crafters for the event and working with the sub-committees for this event. Many volunteers are needed to make this event run smoothly.
    The children are allowed to shop for their family members, in a special area set up just for students, without having a family member present. Volunteers are needed for the set-up and take-down of the "store", collecting money for items purchased, and most importantly, helping the children shop. The chairperson is responsible for ordering and set-up of the gift items for purchase.
    A light lunch menu is available for those attending the bazaar. The chairperson is responsible for ordering food and beverages to be served during the event and works in conjunction with a trained cafeteria employee. Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve the food, as well as clean up after the event.
    Children can have their picture taken with the jolly elf himself for a small fee. Volunteers are needed to pose as Santa, Mrs. Claus and a few of Santa’s helpers. This committee is also responsible for the set-up and decoration of "Santa’s Place" in the library, as well as taking the photos (camera and film provided by P.T.F.S.) and collecting money.
    The Scholastic Book Fairs are a Hereford favorite because we are always encouraging the children to read, read, read! In addition to the fun themes and great deals on books, exciting activities are held in the gym.. Volunteers are needed to collect money from book sales, assist children with their selections and assist with the activities in the gym. This event not only gives profit to our school but also provides our school with new library and classroom books.
    This committee is responsible for the 4th grade jump rope contest, 4th grade square dance, 4thgrade ice cream party and 3rd grade All Sports Day. Volunteers are needed to supervise these events and serve refreshments to the children.
    This event is a reward for those students who have completed and submitted their monthly reading calendars by their respective due dates. This fun-filled evening includes music, games and special guests. The 4th grade students even get to sleep over! The chairperson is responsible for booking entertainment, ordering food and sending invitations to all eligible students. Volunteers are needed to help with registration and dismissal of students, supervising small groups of children and possibly sleeping over.
    In late spring, children play carnival games, go through obstacle courses and play sporting games. Volunteers are needed to set up, supervise and take down the sporting events provided for this event.
    P.T.F.S. loves to celebrate holidays! We serve treats for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Volunteers are needed during the school day to assist with the distribution of these treats.***REMINDER- If your child has food allergies, please inform the school nurse.
    We receive 10 cents for each qualifying BoxTop submitted. The Chairperson / Coordinator is responsible for collecting BoxTops monthly from boxes placed outside the cafeteria and school office. The coordinator organizes contests and prizes to encourage submission of the BoxTops. Volunteers are needed to sort, trim and wrap the tops for submission.
    The P.T.F.S. bulletin board is a great place to get the latest information on all of the upcoming events and activities. Please take a moment to check the board when you are in school. The chairperson maintains the bulletin board outside the school office. The P.T.F.S. board and other committee members will post important information and any "Help Wanted" signs for their particular activities and events.
    The publicity committee arranges for the local newspapers to attend our events and publish stories and photos of our events and activities, as well as classroom lessons or any exciting newsworthy events at Hereford. The chairperson also has access to a school-owned camera to take photos of events for the yearbook or submission to the local newspapers.
    Campbell’s labels are collected and submitted to Campbell’s Labels for Education Program in order to "Get Free Stuff for Our School!" Each label has a point value. The points are totaled and items are chosen from a catalog according to the point value of each item. We can earn items from art supplies and sports equipment to class supplies and office supplies–even a computer! The chairperson is responsible for the collection and submission of the labels, as well as distributing information to the students and their families. Volunteers are needed to help count and sort labels approximately two to three times a year.
    This committee helps to keep our school looking great inside and out. The chairperson, in coordination with the school groundskeeper, maintains the grounds and flowerbeds. The chairperson is also responsible for monitoring the playground, making sure the equipment and area around it are safe for the children. Volunteers are needed to help maintain the grounds, including the playground and flowerbeds. Assisting with the greenhouse planting, usually as part of a classroom activity is also appreciated. (Did you know that we have a greenhouse at Hereford?!) Do you have bulbs or plants that need dividing? Please consider sharing them with us!
    Every year we welcome new families to Hereford Elementary. We encourage new and returning families to get involved with P.T.F.S. Joining members receive a membership card and a coupon for a free soft pretzel. The chairperson is responsible for distributing applications and membership information to all of the families at Hereford, as well as coordinating the roller skating party. Volunteers are needed to help with check-in at the roller skating party.
    Besides our monthly meetings, this is our way of keeping all of the families informed of upcoming P.T.F.S. activities and events at Hereford Elementary. The chairperson is responsible for typing and distributing the newsletter. The Board members and Committee chairpersons relay information to the chairperson for inclusion in the newsletter.
    We are very fortunate to have our own publishing center at Hereford Elementary School. The children write and illustrate their own stories, which are then bound for a beautiful keepsake. The chairperson, along with the help of many volunteers, makes covers, types stories and assembles finished books. This committee is ongoing throughout the year.
    The work can be done at school or at home on a very flexible schedule.
    Redner’s receipts are collected as a way to raise funds without having to sell anything. When shoppers use a "Save-A-Tape" card for purchases, 1% of the Save-A-Tape total, at the bottom of the receipt, can be earned by the school. The receipts must be turned in to the school in order to receive the funds. Applications for Save-A-Tape cards are available on the P.T.F.S. bulletin board outside of the school office or can be obtained at Redner’s Market. So every time you shop and present your card at Redner’s, you earn the school 1% of your shopping total! The chairperson is responsible for the collection and totaling of receipts to return to the Redner’s in Red Hill. Redner’s Markets then forwards a check to the P.T.F.S. treasurer.
    This is a fairly flexible responsibility. The Chairperson is responsible for updating the sign as events and dates come up throughout the year. This can be done in the evening and on weekends.
    Anyone may submit pictures for inclusion in the yearbook! If you have extra photos of school activities that you would like to submit, label them with the following information:
    Name and date of event
    Names of all children in the photo
    Teacher’s name and grade
    Place the photos in an envelope marked P.T.F.S. Yearbook and send them to school with your child. Be careful not to damage the photo when writing information.

  • Teacher Appreciation
    This committee organizes and plans a special day for the teachers at Hereford. Lunch, desserts, gifts and entertaiment are presented to all the teachers by the PTFS chairperson and the committee.

  • ***We would love to use all of the photos submitted but space is limited. Once photos are submitted, your pictures cannot be returned, so make sure you are sending in your extra copies!The committee is responsible for sorting and selecting pictures for placement in the yearbook, as well as assembling the yearbook to send to print. Volunteers are needed to take photos throughout the year, sort through photos for placement in the yearbook, and distribute the yearbooks at the end of the year.


Bakers/Hospitality (evening/weekend)

Donate baked goods 1 to 3 times during the year help at sales tables

Holiday Parties (during school)

Set-up and distribute special snacks 1 to 3 times during the year

Hereford Bazaar/Hospitality (evening/weekend)

Set-up the evening before, work at the bazaar or in the kitchen, pack up afterwards

Santa’s Workshop (evening/weekend)

Set-up the evening before, assist the young shoppers, pack up afterwards

Book Fair – Fall/Spring (evening/weekend)

Set-up the day before, work as cashiers, assist at book tables

3rd Grade All Sports Day (during school)

Set up and supervise team games

4th Grade Jump rope contest (during school) Supervise children, counters

5th Grade Ice Cream Party (during school) Set-up and dish out ice cream, clean up

5th Grade Square Dance (during school) Supervise children during event

Rock ‘N’ Roll Reading Night (evening/weekend) Supervise children, registration and dismissal

Field Day (during school)

Supervise class teams, set-up & put away equipment

Hereford Hike (during school)

Supervise children during event


The Hereford Parents and Teachers For Students (P.T.F.S.) organization would like to welcome you to Hereford Elementary School. Our organization helps enhance the quality of your child's education through various P.T.F.S. sponsored activities and contribution to the cost of all field trips. We encourage new and returning families to get involved with P.T.F.S. Membership is $3.00. Join P.T.F.S. and your student will receive a rice krispy treat. If you are available, the P.T.F.S. meets monthly during the school year on the second Monday of every month (unless otherwise noted in the school calender). We welcome any time or talent that you have to offer. Join us and see what goes on behind the scenes at Hereford Elementary School! Children take great pride when their parents get involved. Remember, we have just as much fun as the children do!

If you are interested in supporting the P.T.F.S., please return the membership application that will be sent home with your student during our Membership Drive which is September 5th to 28th or print out this page and return it to your child's teacher in an envelope marked " PTFS dues ". Membership is $3.00 for the entire family for the school year. Your support is greatly appreciated!

P.T.F.S. Membership

Parent's Name: ___________________________________


(E-mail is only needed if you want monthly PTFS meeting minutes.)

Student/Teacher/Grade ______________________________

Student/Teacher/Grade ______________________________

Student/Teacher/Grade ______________________________

Student/Teacher/Grade ______________________________

Please list every child in your family
who is a student at Hereford.

*** Make checks payable to
"Hereford PTFS".

Spirit Sticks

Holiday Bazaar Application