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UPSD Celebrates Teachers Virtually Throughout Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 (May 4-8) fell smack in the middle of the mandatory school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, that meant that we were unable to celebrate our wonderful, dedicated educators in person.

While we always value our teachers, the UPSD faculty has gone especially above and beyond during the COVID-19 school closures and the resulting At-Home Learning.

Throughout Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, UPSD conducted digital recognition for Upper Perk’s educators on social media. There was a theme for each day, and the district community flooded social media with positive stories about favorite faculty and staff members!

Check out some of the messages that were shared by members of the UPSD community below. Facebook comments can be read on each embedded post, or by visiting our Facebook page.

Monday, May 4 - Motivation Monday

For our staff members: Share what made you want to be a teacher, or why you wanted to work in education. 
For our students and families: Let us know how your teachers motivate you to work hard, do your best and dream big, whether during At-Home Learning or when we’re in school!

For Mrs. Salmons:

For Mrs. Salmons and Mrs. Tucker:

For Miss Kline:

We want send a shout out to Miss Kline for going above and beyond to help Liam get back in a school routine and helping him succeed. Thank you!!

~Mrs. Alicia Coughlan, on behalf of Liam

For Mrs. Stallings and Mrs. Arner:

Thank you for always motivating us and making sure we understand what we are doing. You make us better at doing everything possible.

~Ms. Cara Harris, on behalf of Isabella

For Mrs. Puzauskas:

My teacher is Mrs. Puzauskas and I have her for A.M. Kindergarten. She motivates me to work hard every day at At-Home learning by always leaving voice comments on my SeeSaw activities to tell me how well I am doing. Thank you so much Mrs. Puzauskas for taking the time to do that and showing how much you care. I appreciate all that you do! I miss you!

~Ms. Randi Davis, on behalf of Aubrey

For Mrs. Levan:

Mrs. Levan BEST TEACHER EVER - hands down!!!! She’s fun, LOVES her students, positive/upbeat and an all around WONDERFUL teacher!

~Ms. Stacy Leidy

Mrs. Nicole Wilson (Grade 3, Hereford), on why she wanted to become a teacher:

I initially decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in 3rd grade because of the great experiences I was having in school myself. I had amazing teachers who made learning interesting and enjoyable, and I really looked forward to going to school each day. This is my 8th year of teaching, and I can't see myself doing anything else! Nothing makes me happier than learning new things every day with my third graders!

Tuesday, May 5 - Thank a Teacher Tuesday

Over the last five weeks, UPSD teachers have been going above and beyond to establish At-Home Learning and continue to support our students. Tell a specific teacher, or our faculty as a whole, something specific you or your student have been grateful for during At-Home Learning.

For Miss Hroch:

For Mr. Frack; for a number of UPSD teachers:

For Hereford teachers:

For Mr. Smoger, Mrs. Rambo, Mr. Haas, Miss Holman and all UPMS teachers:

I wanted to reach out and tell you just how much my son and I appreciate his teachers this year.  Well not just this year, he’s been fortunate to have great teachers every year.  But obviously this year is different. My son, Jonathan Lewis, is a 6th grader. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Middle School.  As I’m sure is the case for most kids, he truly misses school.  Not just the social aspect with his friends.  But he misses the in person learning.  I didn’t fully grasp how much he missed it until his Math/Science teacher did a practice run on Zoom before the online learning started.  I was off in the distance listening, to make sure I didn’t miss any vital info, so I heard Mr. Smoger interacting with the class. The smile on my son’s face showed me how much he enjoys Mr. Smoger and how much he missed seeing him every day.

Jonathan has an assignment this week where he has to write a letter of appreciation to one of his teachers.  He genuinely had a difficult time picking who to send his letter to (Mr. Smoger, Mrs. Rambo, Mr. Haas, Miss Holman). He truly couldn’t pick. I think that is a true testament to just how great his teachers are.  

As a parent, I can appreciate all that the teachers are doing right now with at home learning.  I understand that this is not something they were trained to do, so they are also learning as they go along. Each of his teachers have been patient, understanding and flexible during this time.  I can only imagine what it is like to juggle home life and teaching. They have taken a not so great situation and made the best out of it.  And for that I am truly grateful.

Thank you to each and every one of the teachers and faculty who are working hard to continue to teach our kids and make school happen for them.

~Ms. Jenn Lewis, on behalf of Jonathan

Wednesday, May 6 - Celebrate National School Nurse Day

We know that students learn from many district staff members, not just teachers. Today also happens to be National School Nurse Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to give a shoutout to, or tell a story about, you or your student’s favorite non-teacher staff member, whether a school nurse, guidance counselor, coach, administrative assistant or other staff member!

Thursday, May 7 - Throwback Teacher Thursday

It’s time to think back. Tell us about your student’s (or your own) favorite teacher from years past, whether at UPSD or elsewhere, and why they had a profound impact.

Friday, May 8 - Family Teacher Friday

Over the last several weeks, many parents and family members have been thrust into the role of teacher, all while juggling other commitments. Share a photo of your student with their favorite At-Home Learning teacher, whether that be their mom, dad, sibling, grandparent or other caregiver!

THANK YOU UPSD TEACHERS, for all that you do every day! This district thrives because of your hard work and dedication! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!