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Great Kindness Challenge 2021

January 25 – 29, 2021


Empowering students to create a culture of kindness!

The Upper Perkiomen School District again participated in the 2021 Great Kindness Challenge (GKC). The GKC aims to empower students, parents, families, teachers, staff and the school community to create a culture of kindness. There were several district-wide and building-level initiatives during the GKC. Read on for more about how we recognized the GKC.


There were district-wide Spirit Days during the GKC (see photo gallery above). Read on for more about each day's theme:

  • Monday 1/25 “Team Up for Kindness” (sports team wear)
  • Tuesday 1/26 “Unite for Kindness” (wear orange)
  • Wednesday 1/27 “Cozy Up for Kindness” (PJs or cozy outfit)
  • Thursday 1/28 “Hats off for Kindness” (hat or headwear)
  • Friday 1/29 “Keep UP Kindness” (UP spiritwear or blue/gold)


At each of our buildings, various activities were planned, including kindness writing prompts, compliment cards, kindness shout outs, hallway displays, announcements about kindness, videos on what kindness means to students, associated Second Step lessons, and much more.


We understand that many of the ways we spread kindness during the 2020 GKC, and during the pre-COVID times, are not responsible to pursue in the midst of a global pandemic. As such, we shared some ideas about how to spread kindness responsibly. we encourage our UP community to consider these kindness activities all year, not just during the GKC:

  • Complete random acts of kindness: Pay for a stranger's coffee, drop off a treat on a neighbor's porch, the sky is the limit!
  • Pretty-up your neighborhood: Bundle up, go on a walk and pick up any trash you come across.
  • Spread artistic positivity: Hang a sign with kind words in your window, spread love through sidewalk chalk art or create a kindness display in your yard!
  • Connect with a loved one: Haven't talked to grandma in a while? Give her a call! Write a letter to a friend, send a card to a loved one, reconnect with someone you've lost touch with, or tell a teacher, coach or mentor what a difference they've made in your life...just bring a smile to someone's face!
  • Volunteer: The last year has been tough for many community organizations, and many of our neighbors. Reach out and see if you can safely help out those less fortunate in some way.


These are just a few of the things we planned for the 2021 GKC. Check out the GKC website for more information on this national initiative, or review our coverage from the 2020 GKC. We can't wait to celebrate kindness in a [hopefully] less socially-distanced way in 2022!