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All Board and Workshop meetings are held at the Education Center - 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg.


The Pennsylvania Department of Education defines PlanCon as:

“When a school district undertakes a major school construction project and seeks reimbursement from the Commonwealth, a process known as PlanCon is initiated. PlanCon, an acronym for Planning and Construction Workbook, is a set of forms and procedures used to apply for Commonwealth reimbursement. The forms are designed to: (1) document a local school district's planning process; (2) provide justification for a project to the public; (3) ascertain compliance with state laws, regulations and standards; and (4) establish the level of state participation in the cost of the project.” (www.pde.org)

PlanCon Information from PDE - This information provides an overview of the PlanCon process from the PA Department of Education.

PlanCon A

On May 11, 2016, The Upper Perkiomen School Board of Directors held a special meeting to consider the approval of PlanCon A, the documents associated with the construction of a new school. The motion to approve PlanCon A for a new middle school was affirmed by a 7-1 vote.

PlanCon A Documents- The documents found under this link provide a justification for the proposed new Middle School project.

PlanCon B

PlanCon B Documents - The documents found here include the schematic design, educational specifications, and site drawings.

PlanCon C

PlanCon C is an optional submission step for school districts. PlanCon C need only be submitted if the district is planning to acquire a new building or land. This is not the case for the school district, therefore, PlanCon C is not submitted.

PlanCon D

PlanCon D Documents- PlanCon D documents contain estimates of project costs and provides an estimate of state reimbursements

PlanCon E

PlanCon E Documents- PlanCon E documents provide an overview of the design development phase. It is a conference to review the architectural aspects of a project when the design is fully developed. The architect and a district administrator must be present at this review conference.