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School Board

All Board and Workshop meetings are held at the Education Center - 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a data-directed and research- based system planning framework. We hope to provide helpful information throughout this process to our stakeholders in our school district and community. Thanks for taking the time to check out our work thus far!

General Information

Comprehensive Planning is a web-based framework for thoughtful data-driven and research-based district and school planning. Comprehensive Planning facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes shared practices and resources, and ensures that every stakeholder is working toward common goals. Additionally, Comprehensive Planning assists local education agencies (school districts, charter schools, area vocational technical schools/career and technical centers, and intermediate units) to create and manage a continuous, comprehensive plan to submit to the Department in order to maintain compliance with state and federal mandate.

The Comprehensive Planning web application's purpose is to serve as a single, streamlined, systematic, comprehensive planning process and plan management system for LEAs and schools within the Commonwealth. The following links contain information related to the Comprehensive Planning Process through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

PDE Link to Comprehensive Plan Information

Upper Perkiomen Steering Committee Membership

2019-2022 UPSD Comprehensive Plan

Steering Committee

Comp Plan WordleThe steering committee will provide leadership in the overall development of the Comprehensive Plan. Committee members will collaborate to develop a shared school district mission, vision, and focus areas. Members of the steering committee will also support the development of one of the five required plans. This team will meet 3-4 times throughout the school year. The following documents link to resources for the steering committee. Thank you to our team members for volunteering your time to part of this important process!

Facilitators: Dr. Alexis McGloin- Superintendent, Dr. Andrea Farina- Director of Pupil Service, Mrs. Laurie Smith- Middle School Principal, Mrs. Allison Stephens- Technology, Curriculum, Innovation Specialist.

Professional Education

The purpose of the professional education committee is to gather data regarding current academic programming and make recommendations to support the development of future professional development and curricular needs. This committee is tasked with surveying faculty, administrators, and students in order to gain insight into district professional development needs. Members of this committee will also collaborate to develop a three year professional development plan for school district faculty and administrators.

Facilitators: Mrs. Allison Stephens- Curriculum, Technology, Innovation Specialist, Mrs. Laurie Smith- Middle School Principal

Professional Education Committee Meeting Presentation - December 7, 2016


The purpose of this committee is to review the teacher induction plan and make recommendations and revisions (aligned with PDE) in the creation of an new plan. This committee will be tasked with developing a plan for teacher induction that aligns with the newly developed school district mission and vision statements. The induction committee will meet 3-4 times throughout the school year.

Facilitators: Dr. Sean Arney- Asst. Superintendent, Mrs. Allison Stephens- Curriculum, Technology, and Innovation Specialist

Student Services

The focus of this team is to review current practices, research best practices, and align programming with current laws and regulations. This team will also make recommendations for updating programming. The group will review curriculum, planning course, course offerings, assessment calendar, and resources to ensure there is alignment to PA Core Standards. Committee members will survey school district faculty and administration to determine current strengths, weaknesses and program needs. The team will meet 3-4 times throughout the 16-17 school year.

Facilitators: Dr. Sean Arney- Asst. Superintendent, Dr. Andrea Farina- Director of Pupil Services, Mrs. Allison Stephens- Curriculum, Technology, Innovation Specialist

Student Services Presentation - February 8, 2017

Student Services/Chapter 4 Survey

Special Education

The Purpose:

The school district's special education plan is an action plan that describes the local Board of School Director's commitment to ensure that a quality education will be provided to each of its students with a disability eligible for special education, over the upcoming three years.

The content of the special education plan describes the special education program and services that are provided within a school district and those special education programs and services which are accessed by the school district from outside the school district's geographical boundaries.

The Goals:

To develop a three-year special education plan that reflects on going programs and services and incorporates anticipated changes in programming as a result of district and state date sources.

Collect and Analyze state and district data

Perceptual Survey Data

Cyclical Monitoring Data

School Performance Profile Data

Identify programmatic areas of strength and need - prioritized

Establish a three-year action plan for each identified area of focus

Current Status of Plan Development:

Because the state provides the District with the cyclical monitoring and school performance data, the committee believed to truly it was necessary to establish a means to gather perceptual data on the effectiveness of district programs from those who are most impacted; the students, parents, and staff. To that end, the committee has but together four surveys: 4-5 grade students, 6-12 grade students, parents, and staff to gain the needed feedback for program refinement and improvement. The survey window will open on November 21, 2016 and extend through December 9, 2016. Following the close of the survey window the team will analyze and synthesize the survey data, which will service as an additional factor in identifying the future goals for the special education programs in the Upper Perkiomen School District. Please stay tuned as the data will be shared with the public on this special education page.

If you have any questions regarding the Special Education Planning process or the surveys, please do not hesitate to contact the district Special Education at any time.


Check out the September Comprehensive Plan Newsletter on our website.