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All Board and Workshop meetings are held at the Education Center - 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg.


Welcome to the Upper Perkiomen School District Transportation web page. Our number one priority is to provide safe and dependable transportation to our entire student population.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the district rules and regulations that have been established to assist in our goal of maintaining the consistency needed to keep our children as safe as possible.

Should you need an alternative stop location for your elementary school student for the upcoming school year please fill out this form. Upon completion return the form to the address or fax number listed at the bottom of the form. Remember at the end of every school year all alternative stop locations are removed and students return to their home stop. A new form must be submitted at the beginning of every school year

For any additional information, questions or concerns regarding transportation, please contact Coventry Transportation, via e-mail at grossschoolbus@comcast.net or telephone at 215-679-3411.



Transportation Policy

Child Care Guidelines

Child Care Guidelines

The Board shall transport students in grades K-5 who are picked up or dropped off at a destination other than their home on a daily basis for the purpose of child care. Transportation will not be provided for any day care facility located within a walking boundary or outside of the district. The parent/s of students in child care must submit a written request to the UPSD Education Center yearly for review and approval.

The following conditions must also be met:

  1. For the beginning of each school year the Child Care request form with parent signature must be submitted by the second Friday in August;
  2. Such students must board or disembark at an existing stop on the regularly scheduled bus route;
  3. There must be space available on the bus;
  4. Such students will be accepted on a first come, first-served basis;
  5. Such students may not continue to ride the bus if other students, eligible for transportation under the foregoing provisions, are assigned to the bus causing the bus to reach its rated capacity; and
  6. The request must be for a minimum of two months;
  7. A request to ride an alternative bus, for a temporary situation, will not be issued;
  8. Subject to the foregoing, not more than three (3) requests for change in location to accommodate a modification of child-care arrangements may be sought during a school term. Split schedule requests will only be accommodated one (1) time per school term.

Changes could take up to two weeks to be implemented.

You will be notified by the Transportation Department with the effective date.