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Program Identification, Screening, and Placement

The following process and resources are used to identify and place English Learners (ELs) in the district’s ELD Program.


Upon registration, parents/guardians of new students must complete the Home Language Survey (HLS). If the parent/guardian responds YES to any question on the HLS or indicates another other language other than English on the form, a copy of the form is forwarded to the ELD teacher who will determine if the student is a PHLOTE (a student whose Primary Home Language is Other Than English). A parent interview will be conducted to determine if the student will be classified as a PHOLTE. Once the student has been identified as a PHLOTE, an screener/assessment will be done to determine his/her English proficiency.

Home Language Survey:


Identification Questionnaire:


Screening to Determine Language Proficiency

Based on the responses to the HLS, the ELD teacher will screen and/or assess the newly enrolled student for their English language proficiency within 30 calendar days of the beginning of the school year or within 14 calendar days during the school year to determine if a student is in need of ELD instruction. The ELD teacher will administer the WIDA Online Screener for students in grades 1-12 or WIDA W-APT for students in Kindergarten who are considered PHLOTES. The results from these screeners plus other multiple criteria (e.i. oral student interviews, parental input, past school records) are used to determine if a student will be placed in the ELD Program.

Scoring Criteria for Placement in ELD Program

To be placed in the ELD Program:

  • Students in Kindergarten have to have a raw score of 19 or less in oral language proficiency or between 20-24 inclusive AND reading less than or equal to 6 and writing less than or equal to 4 on the W-APT Screener.
  • Students in grades 1-12 have to have an overall composite proficiency score below 5.0 on the WIDA Online Screener.

The data collected from the screening, parent interview, and other records will be used to determine the type of ELD instruction needed for the identified EL.