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Title IX - 50th Anniversary


June 23, 1972, marks the date of groundbreaking legislation that altered the trajectory of girls and women across this nation. Title IX was a landmark civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination at educational institutions that receive money from the United State Department of Education. Many think that Title IX is about sports, but in actuality, Title IX was so much more! This monumental piece of legislation contained 37 Words that Changed the Game for women. 

With a focus on gender equity through the prohibition of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual violence, the legislation clearly outlined that no person be denied or limited the ability to participate in and benefit from the programs and activities afforded in federally funded educational institutions. While the law speaks broadly about gender equity, likely the most visible progress can be seen in women’s athletics. This law has made a lasting impact by increasing the participation of girls and women in athletics. 

At the June 16, 2022 school board meeting, we kicked off the celebration of these ferocious pioneers in women's athletics who have set the stage for young women across this country, linked here, is a tribute to the past female athletes at Upper Perkiomen School District. The spirit of these groundbreakers has not gone unnoticed by the current young female athletes at Upper Perk, who shared what they perceive as the value, importance and benefits of their athletic journey in high school in the  UP Girl’s Sports Spotlight created and shared as a testament to the progress and power of Title IX.

As the 50th anniversary approaches, the district extends its deepest gratitude for those who have and those who will continue to pave the way to a better future. We honor your hard work, dedication, and continued push for equity. With 50 years of progress behind us, we celebrate the young women of Upper Perkiomen School District who have grown into fierce competitors who will push for 50 more years of progress. 

Please enjoy this Tribute to the Game Changers, past and present.