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School Board

All Board and Workshop meetings are held at the Education Center - 2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg.

Personalized Learning Program

Program Vision

All students in the Upper Perkiomen community will be provided with flexible and equitable learning opportunities and environments tailored to their specific interests, passions and needs.

online learning

At Upper Perkiomen School District, we believe that all students should be afforded the opportunity to participate in a learning environment that is designed to meet their specific needs. The Upper Perkiomen Personalized Learning Program is an extension of the Upper Perkiomen School District. It provides an asynchronous, online educational experience for students who are considering attending a cyber charter school. Our goal is to improve digital literacy, increase college and career readiness, promote the value of e-learning and raise the technical capacity of all those involved. The school district has partnered with Edugenuity in order to provide a full complement of core and elective coursework to our students. Students may choose to take all their courses online or they may choose to take a blend of online courses and traditional brick-and-mortar courses in our schools.

Curriculum offered to students is developed by Pennsylvania certified and highly qualified teachers in order to meet our district’s expectations. The program is easy to navigate and is student-centered. The courses include web-based curriculum with materials, highly qualified teachers, and a proprietary technology platform specifically designed for each grade level education. The Upper Perkiomen Personalized Learning Program is dedicated to providing the most dynamic, relative, and global education available for all learners.

Program Benefits

The UP Personalized Learning Program will afford students the opportunity to work on their courses anytime and anywhere. Students will be able to work from home, at a local coffee shop or in our high school library. Please consult the school guidance counselor, building assistant principal or Innovation Specialist for suggestions on how to best accommodate scheduling needs. Enrolled students will also have the opportunity to participate in school functions, athletic teams and extracurricular activities . We encourage students to become involved in our local assemblies, field trips, after-school clubs, dances, and athletics.

By participating in our online program, students will be provided local technology support, on-demand teacher support, asynchronous courses, and the ability to take state-mandated testing (PSSAs and Keystones) in our schools. All students enrolled in the Upper Perkiomen Personalized Learning Program will receive a district issued laptop (after providing technology usage fee) and printing/ scanning capabilities. Enrolled students will also have access to career and college counseling services as well as student support services through our guidance department. Last but not least, students will work towards earning an accredited Upper Perkiomen High School diploma.

Upper Perkiomen Personalized Learning Program Board Presentation- April 2017

UP Personalized Learning Program Interest Form

Parent & Guardian Information

Parents Online

Parents and guardians play an integral role in the learning process, especially in an online learning environment. In order to help your child succeed in their online coursework, it is important that parents stay engaged and closely monitor their child's progress. Below are some tips to support your child as he or she completes their work.

1. Check on your child's progress frequently

Teachers and mentors will reach out to you and your child often in order to keep you informed of the student's progress. Be sure to access your child's grade book often and sign up to get alerts. It is important that you check your email and alerts so that you can engage in a conversation about your child's work with the teachers. If you become concerned about your child, reach out to the school and teachers. Developing a strong, interactive relationship will help support your child as they complete their work online.

Click on the following link to sign up for family access to Edgenuity:

Family Access to Edgenuity

2. Communicate with the school

If you or your child are not able to be reached over an extended period of time (i.e.- vacation, student illness, family emergency), inform the school. Doing so will help the school accommodate and support your child as they proceed through their coursework. Also inform the school if you have any technical difficulties related to the learning management system, laptop or internet. Because your child's coursework is online, it is imperative that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. We want your child to be successful!

3. Encourage your child to get involved

Even though your child may not be physically in our school buildings, we still want him or her to be part of our learning community. Encourage your child to participate in clubs and school events. Students can also apply to the Western Center for Technical Studies if they are interested in a career and technical program. We love to see students pursuing their passions and interests outside of the physical classroom and this program allows them to do that!

4. Attend information nights and orientations

We encourage you and your family to attend orientations with your child so that you can have an opportunity to learn about our programs and supports that are available to you and your child.

5. Ask questions

We appreciate conversations with families and questions about our program. It is our goal to provide the best learning experience possible to all students. We are committed to listening to feedback on our program and are always looking to make improvements wherever we can!

Parents and guardians can reference the following presentation for additional information:

Parent Orientation Night Presentation- July 2017

Student Information

Enrolling in the UP Personalized Learning Program

Thanks for your interest in our program. In order to enroll in the UP Personalized Learning Program, contact Mrs. Sarah Rothermel at srothermel@upsd.org or 215-541-2449. If you are a current charter school student, you will need to register at Upper Perkiomen School District. Please see the district website under parents for more information about registration. If you are a current UPSD student, you will not need to do this. After completing the registration process and discussing your plan with an administrator, a meeting will be scheduled with your guidance counselor and an administrator to select your courses. Lastly, you will be required to attend an orientation session prior to logging into your classes and getting to work.

Graduation Requirements & Diplomas

Students must meet the same criteria for graduation as other traditional students at Upper Perkiomen School District. 25 credits are required for graduation for any student enrolled at the Western Center for Technical Studies. 28 credits are required for non-technical students in order to earn a diploma from Upper Perkiomen School District.

Schedule & Transportation

Students in this program will be permitted to attend classes in a fully online learning environment. They will not be required to be present in the school building for instruction unless otherwise decided via a team meeting or unless their course attendance and progress is not satisfactory. The student may also select a blended schedule (attend face to face courses for a portion of the day, while completing online courses during other portions of the day). Administrators, guidance counselors and teachers may require the student to attend school for a portion of the day if the student's attendance and course progress is not satisfactory. Transportation will be provided to and from school at the beginning and end of each school day.

Student Devices

Students are required to utilize their school district issued devices in order to access their coursework. HP laptops are available to high school students and chromebooks are available to middle school students. Students and families need to submit the Upper Perk Learns Agreement for Use in Skyward and pay a $50 (UPHS) and $35 (UPMS) technology usage fee. Families can utilize Parent Online in order to submit payment online. Cash and check (payable to Upper Perkiomen School District) is also acceptable. Students are expected to be respectful of school district property. Devices are available to be used as a valuable learning tool. Students may come into school to utilize printing and scanning functionalities. More information about devices can be found on the district website under 1:1 initiative. Internet access at home is highly recommended. Please contact Allison Stephens at 215-541-2449 or astephens@upsd.org if internet access is not available in your home.


Beginning in the 17-18school year, students can take two asynchronous online courses with Upper Perkiomen School District teachers: Health 2 Online and College and Career Preparation Online. Students can also enroll in the following asynchronous online courses with teachers provided through Edgenuity. The courses we offer can be found under the course offerings tab below.

The Student Experience

Contact Information

Program Contact Information:

Mrs. Sarah Rothermel                                                         
Curriculum Supervisor- Program Administrator                  


Program Handbook

Please review the Upper Perkiomen Personalized Learning Program Handbook for specific information about the program.

Course Offerings