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1:1 Initiative

Upper Perkiomen School District 1:1 Information

This page contains all documents and forms related to the Upper Perk Learns 1:1 Initiative and the distribution of digital devices. Click on a link to download the document or form.

End of School 2017-2018 School Year 1:1 Student Device Information

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and we are making end of year preparations. For this summer, all students entering grades seven, eight, ten, eleven and twelve will be permitted to take their devices home over the summer break. Students in these grades will not need to turn in their devices before the end of the school year.

Please contact Allison Stephens at astephens@upsd.org or Bryan Ruzenski at bruzenski@upsd.org with any questions.

Forms and Documents

Additional Policies and Documents

Upper Perk Learns: Why 1-to-1?

Digital Equity - Upper Perk believes that all students should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of socioeconomic status. To that end, Upper Perk has created an environment in which all students have "Digital Equity" in terms of information access, digital learning platform, and physical device.

Sustainable Model for Innovative Learning - From a fiscal perspective, having a 1:1 environment provides a Sustainable Model for Innovative Learning by having a predictable and cost-effective mechanism for digitization. Computer labs are gradually becoming obsolete, less wiring is needed, and digital learning tools are readily accessible by all students.

Level of Support and Management for Devices - Standardizing on a digital learning platform and physical device offers economies of scale and other efficiencies in terms of support and management.

Consistency of instructional practice and professional development - Teachers and administrators know what to expect when all students have digital equity, so they can plan and improve accordingly.

Research on impact of technology on student achievement (Project Red) - Research consistently shows a positive correlation between the use of technology and student achievement on a variety of academic measurements.

Upper Perk Learns: Goals for Initiative

  1. Increase student engagement in and out of the classroom.
  2. Shift curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices towards meaningful and relevant learning experiences.
  3. Increase student achievement through a variety of authentic measures.
  4. Increase communication between students, teachers, parents, and the community.
  5. Foster 21st Century Skills to prepare our students for their future
    1. Creativity
    2. Collaboration
    3. Communication
    4. Critical Thinking
    5. Digital Citizenship
  6. Increase opportunities for individualized and personalized learning for every student
  7. Digital equity in access, device, and platform across the district.

Measurement of Goals

  • Student Digital Portfolio (viewing actual work and products) review
  • Danielson Evaluation (include SOL and SESS)
  • BrightBytes Clarity Survey for 21st Century Learning (using CASE Framework)
  • Curriculum Review
  • Student Attendance Rates, Dropout Rates, and Graduation Rates
  • Student Engagement Observations (using iCot Observation form)
  • Learning Walks