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Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Diffenderfer's fourth grade class!


Room 204


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Phone:  To be determined

Office Hours: 8:05-3:30

The best way to reach me is by email.


Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures


It's best to eat a healthy breakfast at home, but if your child eats breakfast at school, please encourage them to get their breakfast and report directly to homeroom.   This will keep missed class time to a minimal amount. We do important activities in the morning, so it is best that they miss as little of this time as possible.


Please ONLY bring snacks on the approved list. (Perhaps keep in on your refrigerator)

Eat your snack neatly and please clean up after yourself.


Students may get a drink anytime the teacher is not directly instructing.

Hydration Station: I have allowed water bottles at desks in the past and have found that they are a distraction, take up room on the desks, become toys, get the desks wet from sweating, and frequently spill. This year, we are going to keep our water bottles at a designated spot called the hydration station. Because of this, please make sure all water bottles are labeled with your child's name.  A reusable water bottle is best.  Thank you!  


Students use the bathroom signal and try to avoid asking during direct instruction. One boy and one girl may go at a time. 


Please make every effort to make sure your child comes to school. You wouldn't believe the amount of learning they miss when they are gone! If your child is absent, please send an excuse note on the day they return, or better yet, email it the day they are out! You can email to to the office and also cc me at . If you would like missed work for your child, please email the morning of his/her absence and tell me who to send it home with. I'll do my best!

How to Succeed in in Fourth Grade:

Be kind to others.

Keep your binder organized. Bring it to school each day and take it home each night.

Complete your assignments and return them to school on time.

Work hard--put forth your best effort!

Participate and become involved in class.

Read 20 minutes each night.

Be a team player.

Know your multiplication facts!


Helpful Websites

Helpful websites

Worldbook On-line

Use this link to practice your multiplication facts:

Long division sites :

1. Khan Academy video 1

2. Khan Academy Video 2

3. Long Division Powerpoint

4. Integer Division Calculator to check your answers

Find GrampyFind Grammy

Cookies for Grampy

Listen to English translated to Lenni Lenape (Algonquian)

Panama Canal live webcam

Ben Franklin's interactive armonica

Ben Franklin is Awesome!

Ben Franklin's inventions

24-Math-Game practice

13 Colonies Map Game

The Declaration of Independence in "simple" English

The Constitution in "simple" English

Bill of Rights in "simple" English

Names of All Kinds of Polygons

Calculate your grade out of 100% - Student Activities

Oath of United States Citizenship

Philadelphia in the early 1700's (Colonial painting by Peter Cooper)

"Fifty Nifty United States" song

Syllables Factory - count the number of syllables in words

Tom Sawyer Syllables Game - break up words into syllables

3 Gymnopédies

Bop It Music

The Area Game

Reading Rainbow Video - "Snowy Day - Poems and Stories"

Prime Numbers - a very long list. How many can you memorize??

PSSA Rap "What you do today will determine tomorrow!" :)

Hockey Place Value game

Mr. Nussbaum's Rounding Game

Free graph paper to print out! Click here.

Mr. Nussbaum's Math Games

14 Best scary stories for kids Boo! Happy Halloween!

Virtual Base Tens Blocks website - click here.

Online Dreidel Game


Daily Class Schedule: (Approximately)

8:25-8:50 Homeroom

8:50-9:50 Math

9:50-10:20 Mat Target Time

10:25-11:00 Science

11:05-11:45 Special

11:45-12:00Read Aloud

12:00-12:30 Recess

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:05-1:35 Guided Reading

1:35-2:05 Writing

2.05-2:35 ELA Target Time

2:35-3:10 Shared Reading

3:10-3:30 Pack up and dismissal

Special Schedule:

Day 1: Music
Day 2: FLITE school
Day 3: Gym
Day 4: Art
Day 5: Library
Day 6: Bonus

Social Studies

In fourth grade, the social studies curriculum deals with the study of Pennsylvania. We start by learning about the five physical regions of Pennsylvania, as well as the rivers, mountains, and some of the major cities. After that, we move into the study of the early people and Native Americans of Pennsylvania. From there, we learn about the European settlers, the thirteen colonies, the American Revolution, and finally the Civil War--all as it pertains to Pennsylvania.
Unit 1 Big Idea: Pennsylvania's Geography shapes the lives of the people who live there. In turn, humans affect the environment. This unit introduces students to the geography of their home state, and to the American Indians, European explorers, and colonists who lived there.
Chapter 1 The First Pennsylvanians
Core Lesson 1 Land and Water
Objectives: Identify Pennsylvania's regions and describe their physical features. Describe Pennsylvania's climate.
Key vocabulary: region, land form, elevation, climate
PA Regions and Climate quiz
Use this Quizlet to study for your PA Regions and Climate quiz.
Remember, when using Quizlets:
1. Make sure your speaker volume is ON.
2. Click "Options" on the left.
3. For Audio - choose "ON."
4. For "Start with" - choose "DEFINITION"
5. Clicking "Play" will keep the cards in order, "Shuffle" puts the cards out of order.
Core Lesson 2 People Arrive
Objectives: Explain changes that have occurred in Pennsylvania's land and climate over time. Identify and explain the innovations, settlement patterns, and social organization of prehistoric groups in Pennsylvania including the Paleo, Archaic, and Woodland Indians. Describe the impact of land and climate changes on the early people in Pennsylvania. Identify and explain prehistoric artifacts important in Pennsylvania history
Key Vocabulary: migrate, adapt, artifact
PA - People Arrive Quiz
Use this Quizlet to study for your PA People Arrive Quiz.
Remember, when using Quizlets:
1. Make sure your speaker volume is ON.
2. Click "Options" on the left.
3. For Audio - choose "ON."
4. For "Start with" - choose "DEFINITION"
5. Clicking "Play" will keep the cards in order, "Shuffle" puts the cards out of order.
Core Lesson 3 Early Cultures
Objectives: Identify and explain the innovations, settlement patterns, and social organization of American Indian groups in Pennsylvania, including Algonquian and Haudenosaunee groups
Describe cultural aspects of the historic American Indian in Pennsylvania.
Skill Builder: Review Map skills
Key vocabulary: culture, wigwam, longhouse, wampum
PA - Woodland Indian Tribes
Remember, when using Quizlets:
1. Make sure your speaker volume is ON.
2. Click "Options" on the left.
3. For Audio - choose "ON."
4. For "Start with" - choose "DEFINITION"
5. Clicking "Play" will keep the cards in order, "Shuffle" puts the cards out of order.
Chapter 2 Colonial Period
Core Lesson 1 Explorers and Early Settlers
Core Lesson 2 William Penn's Colony
Core Lesson 3 The Colony Grows
Cores Lesson 4 Life in the new Colony
Skill builder; Use Latitude and Longitude
The French and Indian War
The Causes of the American Revolution

Classroom Supplies


Below are the supplies for the beginning of the year. However, please continue to restock your child's pencils and dry erase markers throughout the year.
1 sturdy 3-ring binder (with only a 1-inch spine – no huge binders please)

- In the binder please have 3 separate binder folders in it. These are folders with pockets, that already have three holes punched in them for use in a binder. You can label the three folders as follows:
Folder 1: Homework
Folder 2: Notes to Parents
Folder 3: Marked papers
*Absolutely nothing else needs to be in the binder… no filler paper, notebooks, or anything else. Thank you! Less is more!

- 1 pencil pouch

- 1 yellow hi-lighter

- 2 dozen #2 pencils (donated to class to be shared/used by everyone throughout the year). Sharpened would be nice!

- One pack of thin markers to go into the class bin.

- 1 pack of colored pencils

- 1 box of about 24 crayons (please keep those huge boxes of assorted colors at home).

1 glue stick to go in the class bin

- 1 white, polymer erasers (Brands: Staedtler, Mars, Staples, Pentel, etc)

- 2 packs of dry-erase markers – black, with fine point. We will go through a lot of dry-erase markers this year (I will supply the whiteboards)

- Eraser for a dry erase board (an old sock is fine for this too!)

- 2 family-size boxes of tissues (donated to the class for this school year)

1 container of Lysol wipes (donated to the class for this school year)


We use Everyday Math as our math program. This is great because there is an online component! The students and parents have access to the textbook, homework pages, tutorials, and games. Students will have a math journal which is where we do our classwork. They will have a Home Links book which is where their homework sheets are. Each day that we have math, your child will rip out a Home Links page and put it in their homework folder. Both workbooks usually stay at school so they don't get lost or forgotten.

Unit 1 Place value ; Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction
Unit 2 Multiplication and Geometry
Unit 3 Fractions and Decimals
Unit 4 Multi-digit Multiplication
Unit 5 Fraction and Mixed Number Computation; Measurement
Unit 6 Division; Angles
Unit 7 Multiplication of a Fraction y a Whole Number; Measurement
Unit 8 Fraction Operations; Applications

Practice all 144 multiplication facts!
Set the Quizlet to:
- Shuffle- Play
- Turn the volume off

"Everyday Math" online component and student-logins have finally arrived!!

Here is the link to get into Connect Ed from home. Remember your login:

Username:M (your school pin number)

Login: m (your school pin number)

Skills to be tested on the Unit 1 Math Assessment:

I. Place Value

  • the value of a digit in a number. Ex. What’s the value of the 5 in 1,259?
  • understanding which place-value-column (up to the millions ) a digit is located in
  • expanded form. Ex. 384 = 300 + 80 + 4
  • comparing numbers (>, <, =)
  • rounding numbers
  • estimating
  • Rounding to estimate within a word problem

Intro to place value video:

Place Value games - all are great!

Rounding numbers games – all great!

Estimating video:

Estimating in word problems:

II. Addition

  • Solving standard addition problems, with and without regrouping
  • Estimating the answer first, then calculating the actual answer

Video about addition with regrouping:

Addition with regrouping math games:

III. Subtraction

  • Solving standard subtraction problems, with and without regrouping
  • Estimating the answer first, then calculating the actual answer

Video about subtraction with regrouping:

Subtraction with regrouping games:

IV. Measurement

  • Converting yards to feet, and visa versa
  • Converting feet to inches, and visa versa

Inches to feet game:

Yards to feet game:

Measurement game:

V. Geometry

  • Identifying angles (right, acute, obtuse)
  • Finding the perimeter of a square or rectangle

Video about angles:

Angle games:

Video about perimeter:

Perimeter games:





Rating Period



Skyward Close




Progess Reports Available through Skyward on:

Number of days in trimester





@ 10:30 pm

11/19 & 11/20







@ 10:30 pm

3/7 & 3/8







@ 10:30pm



*Progress Reporting dates subject to change.

Teacher Wish List

These are things that really come in handy during the year!

Lysol wipes

Baby wipes

Paper towels


Sharpened pencils

Dry-erase markers

Throw pillows( You wouldn't believe how much the students love these) They allow students to read and work around the room in a comfortable way! If you have any in decent shape that you no longer use, send them in and we will put them to great use! Also, your child is encouraged to bring in their own throw pillow to keep on their chair. It makes them much more comfortable!


Science is done through the investigation process. Students work cooperatively in groups to learn more about the world around them.
Leaf rubbings and identification
Finger prints
Electricity and circuits
Moon and Solar System


This year, you will have two teachers!  I will be teaching math, social studies, and science.  Your other teacher, Mrs. Hedrick, will be teaching ELA which includes reading, writing, and spelling.  This is what your day will look like:  


8:35-9:00 Homeroom:  Get ready for the day, attendance, announcements and pledge to flag, math boxes for morning work, and class meeting.

9:00-10:30:  Math

10:30-11:10 Special

11:10-11:40 Recess

11:40-12:10 Lunch

12:15-2:35 ELA

2:35-3:20 Social studies or science



New Panel

Meet The Teacher

Image may contain: 2 people, including Diane Wood, people smiling, plant, flower, grass, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, tree, shoes, outdoor and nature


Hello! I am happy to be your teacher! Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been teaching at Upper Perk since the year 2000. I taught the gifted program for one year, but otherwise have spent all of my time teaching first fifth and then fourth grade. Before I became teacher, I was a social worker. I received my teaching degree and my Master's Degree from West Chester University.

I live with my husband, son, and granddaughter. We live in a town called Stowe which is about 30 minutes from school. I also have a step-daughter named Paige who is a nurse. My granddaughter's name is Isabella, and she is five years old. I also have an 2 year old old grandson named Turner. I love spending time with them both!
I like to travel, listen to music (especially country), go out to dinner, dance, and go to yard sales and flea markets. I love plants and animals! In the spring and summer I can be found out in my gardens during my free time. I grow all types of flowers, but some of my favorites are poppies, cone flowers, peonies, and hydrangeas. I have a lot of house plants too! I enjoy taking care of them when I can't be outside in my gardens. My biggest hobby is photography! I love taking and editing photos!


A few favorites:

Favorite subject to teach--math

Favorite book series--The Hunger Games

Favorite Children's Movie--Matilda

Favorite Children's book--Because of Winn-Dixie

Favorite place I've been--Italy!!

Favorite food--pizza!

Favorite wild animal--deer

Favorite snack--soft pretzels

I can't wait to learn about your favorites!

Special Schedule

Day 1: Gym with Mr. Pinto

Day 2: Music with Mrs. Goslin

Day 3: Art with Mrs. Conway

Day 4: Library with Mrs. Avanzato

Day 5: Flite with Mr. Lippincott



Dear Parents-

As we are all very much aware, technology is ever evolving and has afforded teachers many new opportunities to keep parents and students connected to their classroom. In an effort to give families the opportunity to see what goes on inside our classroom during the school day, I have created a PRIVATE Instagram account for our fourth grade class. As the teacher, I am responsible for approving anyone that would like to follow our page and only those with approval will be able to see any of the pictures or posts.

If you are not familiar with Instagram, it is a free online photo-sharing and social networking service that enables users to take and share pictures (of both people and items/objects). Instagram is available as both a smart phone app or can be accessed through the website You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.

The following are some examples of things I hope to share on our Instagram page: student work, pictures of students engaged in various activities, pictures of classroom parties/special occasions, pictures of assemblies, field trips, brain teasers/puzzles, etc. Additionally, I also hope to allow the students to share items they are proud of on the page. Positive comments from parents and students are also encouraged underneath our class posts! (I will be actively monitoring this site and any negative or inappropriate remarks will result in a loss of access to our class page)

If you would like to follow our page, please search for the user name “mrsdiff16”. As previously mentioned, I will need to approve your request before you are able to view any of our posts. Please note, I respect all parents’ individual decisions when it comes to social media and their children’s participation. Following our class page is completely voluntary and additionally, having your child appear on our page is entirely up to you! Please fill out the permission slip below indicating your preferences.

Thank you so much! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. J

Kim Diffenderfer (


Student Name: _______________________ Parent Signature:________________________________

_____ Yes, my child has permission to participate with the class Instagram account. I understand that only first names will be used and his/her picture may be used on the site.

If you agree to participate, please list all Instagram usernames that may request access to the site. This may include parents, students, grandparents, etc.



_____ No, I would NOT like my child’s name or picture to be used on the Instagram account.


Dear Parents,

My goal for the year is to try to keep you as informed as possible about the happenings in our 4th grade classroom. Knowing that many of us use our cell phones, specifically texting, to communicate, I have become very fond of the program “Remind 101.” This is the fourth year I will be using it in my classroom and it is the #1 thing parents have requested that I continue!

Remind 101 is incredibly simple to use and will allow me to send you information regarding our classroom directly to your cell phone via a text message. Signing up is easy and free. I will be using this service to text out reminders about upcoming tests/quizzes, large homework assignments, various school activities, etc.

Remind 101 is a one sided conversation. I am able to send out a mass text message to you, however you are not able to reply to me so if you would have any questions regarding something that was texted to you, you would need to e-mail that question to my standard e-mail address and wait for a reply.

This program is completely voluntary, and your standard text messaging rates would apply.

To subscribe to my updates, please follow the two simple directions below!

1. Enter this number as the recipient of a new text message: 81010 This is the number you will be texting.

2. Text this message to the above number: @diffend4

You should receive an automatic reply back welcoming you to my class. If you have never used the program before, it will then ask you to reply with your full name. PLEASE USE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME.

You will then be signed up for all future text messages. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe to my text updates, text “HELP” and it will give you instructions to stop the messages.

Thank you for your continued support. I hope you find this service helpful in keeping up with our classroom!

Kim Diffenderfer

School-wide Behavior Program

Be kind

Be responsible

Be resilient

Be safe

Be respectful

Snack List

4th Grade Approved Snack List 2017-2018

Snack: Students need a bit of time each day to rest and recharge. For this reason, we have snack each day. We ask that the snack be from the approved list below. It is our goal for students to learn healthy snacking habits, and therefore eat snacks that are low in added sugar and fat. This list also helps us avoid allergens as well as squabbles over snacks.



3.Sliced fruit or vegetables

4. Healthy granola bars

5.Veggie Stix

6.Animal Crackers

7.Goldfish Crackers (whole grain)


Related image

Please encourage your child to be neat and respectful when eating his or her snack. (Properly dispose of bags and do not get food on the floor.)


Please sign up for I use this app to keep parents updated on test dates and important events.

Check your child's assignment book daily. Students will write their assignments each morning and I will check their assignment book when it is completed.

See below for what to expect daily regarding homework:

Math: There will be a math home links page assigned for homework every night of the week. It is mean to review past skills and the lesson for the day.  It should not take longer than about 20 minutes or so to complete.  If your child is struggling with the homework and you are not able to help them, please just write a note on the paper so I know they tried. 
Reading: Please make sure your child reads a book of their choice for at least 20 minutes each night. This is based on the honor system. There are no reading logs to complete.