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Welcome to Mrs. Deitrich's 2019 - 2020 Fourth Grade Class!


We are located at the Upper Perkiomen 4th & 5th Grade Center,

at 510 Jefferson Street, East Greenville, Pennsylvania, 18041,

in the Upper Perkiomen School District.


Our Class 2019-2020

Meet your new 4th grade classmates for the 2019 - 2020 school year at the 4th and 5th Grade Center!

  1.   Tyler C.
  2.   Vera F.
  3.   Landon G.
  4.   Abigayle G.
  5.   Joseph G.
  6.   Victoria G.
  7.   Silas H.
  8.   George H.
  9.   Andrew I.
  10.   Alexander K. S.
  11.   Michael M.
  12.   Jackson M.
  13.   Devyn M.
  14.   Corbin N.
  15.   Carson P.
  16.   Joshua R.
  17.   Brooklynn S.
  18.   Ryleigh S.
  19.   Trinity S.
  20.   Krisalee S.
  21.   Robert W.
  22.   Sophia Z.

Meet Mrs. Deitrich

About Mrs. Deitrich...

I love teaching fourth grade!
Here's me when I was IN fourth grade way back in 1976 - LOL!
Can you find me?

So, what do you want to know about me???

- I was born right next to Central Park in New York City! Yes, I'm a native-New Yorker!
- I moved to Pennsylvania when I was three years old, and grew up mainly in Delaware County.
- I graduated from Marple Newtown High School in Newtown Square, PA.
- I have always been a worker. As a kid, I had a paper-route, did babysitting, washed cars, shoveled snow, baled hay and cleaned out horse-stalls on a horse-boarding farm, and then I worked at the Newtown Square, PA McDonald's all through high school.

- I went to the University of Pittsburgh for my freshman year of college, and then I transferred to Penn State University main campus where I decided to major in Elementary Education because I knew I wanted to work with kids. I did my student-teaching in State College Area School District. After graduation, I was lucky enough to get hired by Upper Perk in the summer of 1988.

- Mr. Wayes was my first principal at the old Red Hill Elementary School. I taught first grade and second grade there. Two years later, Red Hill School and Green Lane School merged to form the new Marlborough Elementary School, which opened in September 1990.  I taught at Marlborough from September of 1990 until June 2019, and I was a fourth grade teacher there from 2008 - 2019. This year, I am delighted to be teaching fourth grade at the new Upper Perkiomen 4th and 5th Grade Center, with Mr. Vigilante as our current principal. 

- During my first five years of teaching, I went to graduate school at Villanova University at night and during summers to earn my Master's Degree in elementary school guidance counseling. I did my elementary school counseling internship at Marlborough, and Mrs. Malloy was my mentor. Many of your parents/relatives may remember Mrs. Malloy - their amazing school counselor. She has been retired for awhile, but she and I are still very close friends.

- I met my husband Walt Deitrich at a Penn State Alumni function in June 1994. We hit it off pretty well, especially since we both went to Penn State, and we were both finishing up our master's degrees at Villanova University. We were married in August 1996. Walt works in the treasury department for PPL in Allentown.

family Avalon, NJ. August 2016

- We live in the Parkland School District area of western Allentown. Walt and I have two children. Alexandra is 21 years old and Chris is 18 years old. Chris is in 12th grade at Parkland High School. He loves basketball! He plays, referees, and keeps score in several basketball leagues/teams. Chris also likes watching his beloved Red Sox and Celtics, earning money at his part time job as a waiter in an Italian restaurant, and playing with our dog, Chelsea. Our daughter, Alex, loves to play piano, sing, act, listen to just about any kind of music, and snuggle with our dog, Chelsea. In August 2019 Alex will start her fourth and final year of college at the Eastman School of Music (at the University of Rochester) in Rochester, NY. She is studying music-education. She is excited to start student teaching in January 2020, and she dreams of someday teaching music in a public school, and then at the university level.

- As for me, I am starting my 32nd year of teaching this September 2019. Wow! Hard to believe! I love teaching fourth grade! Fourth graders are AWESOME! My favorite subject to teach is Pennsylvania history! Pennsylvania history IS American history! My hero is Ben Franklin because I admire the cunning and diplomatic role he played in helping our country win the Revolutionary War. I'm also studying early Dutch colonial history.  This year at the 4th and 5th Grade Center, I will be teaching my class all subjects.
I have a life outside of teacher too!  :)  I play piano and flute, I love to decorate, and I love to travel and learn about other places, history, and cultures.  My favorite place to go is Maine!  I go there every summer for a couple of weeks to visit Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  While there, I love to go biking, hiking, to the beach, exploring nature, and my favorite - sitting on the rocks watching the big waves of the North Atlantic Ocean crash!  I'm a big Penn State Nittany Lions Football fan, and our family has season tickets so we are there for almost every home-game.
One more thing you should know about me - I'm a TERRIBLE COOK!  LOL :)

So, now you know all about me. What about YOU???
Say hello and keep in touch with me at

Contact Information

Name:  Mrs. Melissa A. Deitrich, M.Ed.

Position:  4th Grade Teacher,  Room 213,  Upper Perkiomen 4th and 5th Grade Center


Phone: 215-679-6288  Ext. 4213


Upper Perkiomen 4th and 5th Grade Center

510 Jefferson Street

East Greenville, PA 18041

School Hours:  8:15 AM - 3:35 PM

Signing up for text messages:

1.Text my class code @2kc989 to the phone number 81010.

2.Reply to the text messages from the Remind team.


2019 "Meet the Teacher" Night Slides:  Click HERE.






School Supplies

Mrs. Deitrich's 4th grade class 2019 - 2020:  My personal list of preferred school supplies. 

We know that many families enjoy shopping as they look forward to a new school year, and teachers often receive questions regarding recommended school supplies. Due to space limitations and to help you avoid making unnecessary purchases, here is a list of important items for fourth graders to have in my classroom this school year:

(1) 1-inch spine 3-ring binder. In the binder please have (3) separate binder folders w pockets - ones that already have 3 holes punched in them for use in a binder.  You can label these folders ahead of time:  (a) Notes to Parents   (b) Homework   (c)  Marked Papers

(1) plastic supply box

(2) blue gel or ballpoint pens

(2) red gel or ballpoint pens

(1) pack of white (not pink) polymer erasers

(1) small bottle of white liquid glue (no glue sticks needed)

(1) 1-subject notebook

(4) pocket folders to keep in your desk: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow (made of paper or plastic, and metal tabs do not matter)  Yes, these are in ADDITION to the folders that should be in your child's 1-inch spine binder. 

(2) yellow highlighters

(2 dozen) #2 pencils (sharpened already if possible)

(1) pack of 12 colored pencils

(1) box of 12 to 24 crayons

(3 or 4, at least) *FINE-point* dry-erase markers - all black, or at least DARK colors

(1) eraser for your dry erase board (*An old sock is good for this too, and I will provide the actual dry-erase board)

(1) Pair of earbuds/headphones (these do not need to be new!)

(2)  family size boxes of tissues


Calendar and Menu

UPSD 4th & 5th Grade Center October 2019 Menu



Future Dates:

Tuesday, Oct. 15:  4-5 PTFS Meeting:  (3rd Tuesday of Month at 4:00 PM)

Saturday, Oct. 26: UPSD Trunk or Treat at UPHS (district wide event)

Tuesday, Nov. 19:  4-5 PTFS Meeting:  (3rd Tuesday of Month at 4:00 PM)

Saturday, Dec. 7:   UPSD Holiday Bazaar at UPMS (district wide event)

Tuesday, Dec. 17:  4-5 PTFS Meeting:  (3rd Tuesday of Month at 4:00 PM)

March 30 – April 3:  4-5 Center Book Fair

Thursday, April 2:  4-5 Center Open House Evening

Thursday, May 7:  4-5 Center Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Monday, June 1 & Tuesday, June 2: 4th Grade Field Trips to Harrisburg

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - Mrs. Deitrich's Iron Pigs Night at Coca Cola Park

Succeeding in Fourth Grade

2019 - 2020

How to Succeed in 4th Grade...

  • Read for 20 minutes every night.
  • Keep your binder organized.
  • Have a quiet place at home to do homework and study.
  • Complete your assignments and return them to school on time.

Special Schedule

Deitrich 2019 - 2020 Special Schedule 

Day 1 – Music with Mrs. Goslin

Day 2 – Art with Mrs. Conway

Day 3 – Library with Mrs. Avanzato

Day 4 – F.L.I.T.E. School (technology) with Mr. Lippincott

Day 5 – Phys. Ed. with Mr. Pinto

Please note:

  - Specials for Deitrich:  9:45 – 10:25

  - We only have a 5-day schedule now, not a 6-day schedule.

Daily Schedule

2019 – 2020 Daily Class Schedule

8:35 - 8:50  Homeroom/Morning Work, Meetings, etc

8:50 - 9:40  English and Language Arts: Guided Reading or Writing

9:45 - 10:25   Special

10:30 - 11:10   English and Language Arts: Shared Reading

11:10 – 11:40   Recess

11:40 – 12:10   Lunch

12:15 – 12:30  English and Language Arts: Read Aloud

12:35 – 2:00   Math

2:00 – 2:50   Social Studies or Science (2 PM working snack)

2:50 - 3:20   English and Language Arts: Word Study

3:20 - 3:25  Prepare for dismissal

3:25 – 3:35  Walkers dismissed, then bus kids dismissed as buses arrive




Cool video on ounces, pounds, and tons! :)

Xtra Math website: (use your PIN which is in your assignment book)

Factors and Multiples song:


Practice all 144 multiplication facts!

Set the Quizlet to:
- Shuffle- Play
- Turn the volume off

"Everyday Math" online component and student-login:

Here is the link to get into Connect Ed from home. Remember your login:

Username:M (your school pin number)

Login: m (your school pin number)

Skills to be tested on the Unit 1 Math Assessment:

I. Place Value

  • the value of a digit in a number. Ex. What’s the value of the 5 in 1,259?
  • understanding which place-value-column (up to the millions ) a digit is located in
  • expanded form. Ex. 384 = 300 + 80 + 4
  • comparing numbers (>, <, =)
  • rounding numbers
  • estimating
  • Rounding to estimate within a word problem

Intro to place value video:

Place Value games - all are great!

Rounding numbers games – all great!

Estimating video:

Estimating in word problems:

II. Addition

  • Solving standard addition problems, with and without regrouping
  • Estimating the answer first, then calculating the actual answer

Video about addition with regrouping:

Addition with regrouping math games:

III. Subtraction

  • Solving standard subtraction problems, with and without regrouping
  • Estimating the answer first, then calculating the actual answer

Video about subtraction with regrouping:

Subtraction with regrouping games:

IV. Measurement

  • Converting yards to feet, and visa versa
  • Converting feet to inches, and visa versa

Inches to feet game:

Yards to feet game:

Measurement game:

V. Geometry

  • Identifying angles (right, acute, obtuse)
  • Finding the perimeter of a square or rectangle

Video about angles:

Angle games:

Video about perimeter:

Perimeter games:



boy reads girl reading

2019 - 2020 Home Reading

Dear Parents, it is expected that students will read for at least 20 minutes per night, on at least four nights per week. 




































Safe websites to research your famous Pennsylvanian:

1.All-around research site

3.Edutainment site—requires subscription

4.General info research

5.History Channel–great speeches at

6.Internet research sites for kids

7. DK Findout

8.Math, reading, arcade edutainment

9.National Geographic for kids

10.Nova video programs

11.Research for kids

12.Research—chapters on subjects


14.School Tube—learning videos from YouTube. Organized by topics

15. Ducksters:

16.World Book Online (subscription required)

17. Safe search kids:

18. Kidtopia:


19. Wikipedia - just be careful - technically - it's a blog -






1. A TON of grammar practice games to prepare for the PSSAs

2. Try some PSSA-style Math and Language Arts (also Science for the 4th grade Science assessment) questions here (click the Achiever!icon and select 4th grade demo):

3. A great site to practice some of your reading strategies!

4. Vocabulary Games

Guided reading links for "Listen To Reading"
1. Marlborough Library - Follett Shelf
a.) Select "Marlborough"
b.) Select "Catalog"
c.) At the very right-hand side select "login." Put in your student PIN number (your lunch number for both the username and password).
d.) Select "Follett Shelf" on the left-hand side.
e.) Enjoy your ebook!
2. Red Hill Library Ebooks
3. Common Lit
Common Lit is a free collection of fiction and nonfiction for 5th-12th grade classrooms. Search and filter the collection by genre.
*Log in, and then click "Browse the Library."
4. Just Books Read Aloud
5. Britannica Kids: Non-fiction READING, so you may only choose: Articles, Biographies, Animal Kingdom, or Atlas.


* Parents, please be aware that we will have spelling tests every other week, and, this year we will NOT be doing our Benchmark Literacy spelling units in numerical order (Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3...)  Instead, we will be "jumping around," doing units based on the TYPE of words.  So just ignore the name/number of the unit, and focus on the type of words they are. Thank you! 

Here are your new spelling words below. Your spelling test is on Friday, November 15, 2019.  Study hard! :)

Unit 26: Words with prefixes: uni-, bi-, tri-

1. united – (adjective) involving people or groups working together to achieve something

2. biweekly – (adjective) happening every two weeks, or, happening twice a week

3. trilateral – (adjective) involving three groups or countries

4. unicorn – (noun) an imaginary animal that looks like a horse and has a straight horn growing from the middle

of its forehead

5. bisect – (verb) to divide (something) into two equal parts

6. unique – (adjective) very special or unusual, unlike anything or anyone else

7. triple – (adjective) three times bigger in size or amount

8. universal – (adjective) done or experienced by everyone; existing or available for everyone

9. trivet – (noun) a short metal stand used for holding a hot dish

10. bifocals – (noun) eyeglasses divided into two parts that help a person to see

things that are nearby and things that are far away

* There will also be a spelling grammar quiz with related word skills, conventions, and sentences to write/edit using these spelling words/rules.

Social Studies

Your next Social Studies test is Friday, Oct. 25, 2019.  It is on the unit called "Woodland Indians of PA."  Use my Quizlet to also study for tests! They match the paper study guide.

The link is here:


Tips for using

1. Turn on your volume.
2. On the lower left hand side, where it says "Options," choose "Audio: On," and, "Answer with: TERM."
3. You can hit "Play" and the cards will flip and progress automatically.
4. You can hit "Shuffle" to see if you can answer the flashcards out of order.



I am your science teacher! :)  Science content coming soon! 


Image result for remind text Parents, please join my REMIND text messages. I use this app to keep parents/guardians updated on test dates and important events.

Image result for student assignment book Also, check your child's assignment book daily. Students will write their assignments in their assignment book each day. That is the best way to keep on top of what's going on in class and what the homework assignment is.

Great Links for Kids

Great educational and fun websites to check out!

Find GrampyFind Grammy

Cookies for Grampy

Listen to English translated to Lenni Lenape (Algonquian)

Panama Canal live webcam

Ben Franklin's interactive armonica

Ben Franklin is Awesome!

Pearson Successnet (must log in)

Ben Franklin's inventions

24-Math-Game practice

13 Colonies Map Game

Mistakes in the Washington Crossing painting

Princeton University - Cannonball dent in Nassau Hall

The Declaration of Independence in "simple" English

The Constitution in "simple" English

Bill of Rights in "simple" English

Names of All Kinds of Polygons

Calculate your grade out of 100% - Student Activities

Oath of United States Citizenship

Philadelphia in the early 1700's (Colonial painting by Peter Cooper)

"Fifty Nifty United States" song

Syllables Factory - count the number of syllables in words

Tom Sawyer Syllables Game - break up words into syllables

3 Gymnopédies

Symphony - "Bolero" by Ravel

Bop It Music

The Area Game

Reading Rainbow Video - "Snowy Day - Poems and Stories"

Prime Numbers - a very long list. How many can you memorize??

PSSA Rap "What you do today will determine tomorrow!" :)

Hockey Place Value game

Storia - read books online for FREE! Great for Home Reading Logs!

Chinese Jump Rope -- Where to buy it:

Mr. Nussbaum's Rounding Game

Free graph paper to print out! Click here.

Mr. Nussbaum's Math Games

14 Best scary stories for kids Boo! Happy Halloween!

Khan Academy video 1

Khan Academy Video 2

Integer Division Calculator to check your answers

Virtual Base Tens Blocks website - click here.

Long Division Video:

Long Division Powerpoint (Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Rover):

Latitude and Longitude Online Games:

Fourth Grade Books

Image result for KIDS READING

Some great books and Book series for 4th graders...

(various reading levels)

• Louis Sachar (author)

• Clementine Series

• Judy Moody series

• My Weirder School series

• Geronimo Stilton series

• Gordon Korman (author)

• Jerry Spinelli (author)

• Cam Jansen series

• A to Z mysteries (series)

• Help! I'm Trapped In.... Series

• Who Was...? (biography series)

• Guinness Book of World Records

• National Geographic nonfiction books

• The Fourth Stall series

• Harry Potter series

• Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

• The Last Dragon series

• Mike Lupica (author) books

• Hardy Boys series

• Percy Jackson series

• Andrew Clements (author) series

• Origami Yoda/Darth Paper series

• Dan Gutman (author) books

• Indian in the Cupboard series

• 39 Clues series

• Big Nate series

• Beverly Cleary (author) books

• Artemis Fowl series

• Judy Blume (author) books

• Main Street series

• Stranded series

• Monster High series

• How to Eat Fried Worms

• E. B. White (author) books

• Dear Dumb Diary series

• Pet Trouble series

• Babysitters Club series

• Magic Treehouse series

• Bailey School Kids

• I Survived series

• I Survived Middle School series

• Goosebumps series

• Ripley's Believe It Not series

Family Field Trips


Family Field Trips

Parents, in class I mention a lot of places you can visit around southeastern Pennsylvania that directly correlate to our Social Studies class. Why not take a family field trip? Here are some great destinations...

1. Museum of Indian Culture - Allentown, PA
Pennsylvania’s educational resource center to learn about the Lenape (Delaware) and other American Indian tribes.

2. Lower Swedish Cabin - Drexel Hill, PA
This is an actual Swedish Cabin built in approximately 1640 by the Swedes who were the first permanent European settlers of what is now Pennsylvania. Why not stop for a visit on your way to a Philadelphia professional sporting event? It's right on the way!
9 Creek Rd, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Call to check for hours open to the public:
(610) 449-3577

3. Pennsbury Manor - Morrisville, PA
A reconstruction of William Penn’s home on 43 acres of peaceful green space in Bucks County, Pennsylvania along the Delaware River. The Manor is furnished with an outstanding collection of late 17th- century furniture and objects, while the outbuildings contain reproductions that allow visitors to experience history through demonstrations and hands-on activities.
* Charter Day (Pennsylvania's Birthday): March 10, 2019 - THE ONE DAY A YEAR ADMISSION IS FREE! :)

Pennsbury Manor welcomes one and all to celebrate the birthday of Pennsylvania for FREE. Spend the afternoon with William Penn and the people of Penn’s time and enjoy the sights and sounds of 17th-century daily life. Colonial craftspeople, dressed in period clothing, will be demonstrating blacksmithing, joinery, and beer brewing. A wonderful display of 17th-century foods will be offered by the cooks, who will be on hand to explain the process of open hearth cooking. Take a tour of the Manor House with costumed interpreters and stop and see the role-players reenact “Voyage of the Welcome,” the voyage of 1682 when William Penn and other prospective colonists traveled to Pennsylvania on a ship called The Welcome. Charter Day is a fun day filled with activities for the entire family and it’s free.

4. Daniel Boone Homestead - Birdsboro, PA
A historical site that tells the story of Daniel Boone’s youth in Pennsylvania’s Oley Valley and shows daily lives of the region’s 18th-century settlers.

5. Hopewell Furnace - Elverson, PA.
Hopewell Furnace showcases an early American industrial landscape from natural resource extraction to enlightened conservation. Operating from 1771-1883, Hopewell and other "iron plantations" laid the foundation for the transformation of the United States into an industrial giant.

6. Goschenhoppen Historians, Red Men's Hall - Green Lane, PA
The old “Red Men's Hall,” a former fraternal lodge built by the Improved Order of Red Men in 1907 houses the facilities of The Goschenhoppen Historians. Inc.The Goschenhoppen Folklife Museumand the Country Store Museum, all located within the building, are devoted to presenting the heritage of the historic folk region called "Goschenhoppen", an 18th century name still used locally. Open Sunday afternoons April through October, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m., the two museums provide friendly docents to assist visitors and answer questions. Red Men's Hall is also home to The Folklife Libraryand an early blacksmith's shop. Spend a Sunday afternoon immersed in the history and folk culture of historic Goschenhoppen. Visits are welcome by appointments and other times. Call 215-234-8953 or email: for more information.

7. Goschenhoppen Historians 53rd Annual Folk Festival,
Antes Plantation - Perkiomenville, PA August 9 & 10, 2019

8. The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA
The Franklin Institute (named after the noted American scientist and statesman Benjamin Franklin) is a museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one of the oldest centers of science education and development in the United States, dating to 1824. The Institute also houses the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.

9. The John Bartram House and Garden, Philadelphia, PA
A National Historic Landmark House and Garden. The homestead of John Bartram (1699-1777), America's first botanist, co-founder of the American Philosophical Society, and a towering figure in colonial Philadelphia's scientific community. Today, it is America's oldest living botanical garden. The 45-acre site on the Schuylkill River in Southwest Philadelphia features Bartram's original 18th century home and farm buildings, historic botanical garden, wildflower meadow, water garden, freshwater wetland, parkland, river trail and a museum shop.

10. Roanoke Island, Manteo, NC

This destination is not in Pennsylvania, however it may be a good stop for those of you who vacation in the Outer Banks... Go see the 76th annual live theatrical performance of "The Lost Colony." This play is about the lost colony of Roanoke Island. Manteo, North Carolina.

More to come! :)
~ Mrs. Deitrich

My Dog Chelsea



Meet my first dog ever, Chelsea Deitrich.  She is half Maltese and half Shih-tzu.  She was born on April 5, 2014.
Things certainly have changed a lot around our house since the day I brought Chelsea home on June 25, 2014. We are a dog-family now - for sure! :) Chris and Alex love her! Chelsea is really energetic and silly! But she's a good sleeper at night. Even Mr. Deitrich thinks she is pretty cute and funny. :)
She loves to play fetch. She loves her evening walks around the neighborhood, but she thinks she's a big dog even though she's a tiny one! She teases and wants to play with dogs ten times her size! :) But her favorite days are when she comes to school to serve as our class-mascot! :) Chelsea was spayed, so no puppies for her! She has grown to about 12 pounds now, and has reached her full size. Everyone knows and love Chelsea! She can't wait to meet you!

dog Chelsea's first birthday, April 5, 2015

kids Chris, Alex, and Chelsea. August 2016

Iron Pigs Night

Mrs. Deitrich's Wish List

Image result for wish

Below are some things which I would LOVE to be donated to our classroom...
2019 - 2020
Thank you for all the chair socks!  :)


"Down With Class Participation Grades" by Melissa Pandika

Like most teachers, I know that just because a student's hand isn't in the air, doesn't necessarily mean that she/he doesn't have deep understanding of what's being taught. Should students really be graded on HOW OFTEN they offer an answer in class?

"The Curse of Cursive” by Jessica Bennett
Interesting perspective on whether teaching cursive is worth the instructional time in this day and age. No matter what though, I still require my students to write their name and date in cursive on all papers.

“Are We Raising a Generation of Helpless Kids?” by Mickey Goodman
A very eye-opening article about us "helicopter parents." It makes me think twice about some of my own choices as a parent. Sometimes we need to let our kids fail now, while the stakes are low.

"The Truth About Teaching" "curated" by Brandon Weber
A funny blog post that definitely has a lot of truth to it regarding my perception and the world's perception about my job as a teacher.

"Random Bedtimes Breed Bad Behavior In Kids" by Nancy Shute
We parents learn the hard way that late bedtimes make for cranky kids the next day. A study shows that inconsistent bedtimes may have a greater effect on children's behavior.

"How To Miss a Childhood" by Rachel Macy Stafford
A poignant article about how we all may be missing the wonderful moments of our children's lives due to our own distractions by modern technology.