Mr. Langenback

Welcome to Our 5th Grade Class


Contact Information

215-679-6288 ext: 4107


About Mr. Langenback

About Mr. Langenback

Here is some information to help you get to know me a little better before we start an awesome year together.


Teaching Experience and classroom philosophy
This will be my seventh consecutive year of teaching fifth grade. Before teaching fifth grade, I taught technology class, third grade and fourth grade at Marlborough Elementary.
My favorite part about being a classroom teacher is building a sense of community with a group of students for the entire year. I will work very hard to build your trust and respect. I like to believe that room 107 isn't my classroom, but our classroom. I hope that you are as excited as I am to be a part of something special and have a great time with our class.
Family Life
I have been married for sixteen years. My wife works as an accountant. She is very organized and great with numbers! We have two children. Jenna is our 11 year old daughter and Isaac is our 8 year old son. Jenna will be entering sixth grade. She loves music, swimming, and playing sports. Isaac will be going into third grade enjoys lacrosse, basketball, acting, riding bikes, building legos and playing games on electronics. Last year we also adopted a puppy. Her name is Everly and she is a staffordshire terrier and chihuahua mix. She is very active and very smart! 

I love spending time with my family, cooking (and eating), reading fiction and non-fiction books, fishing, and following the Mets and Raiders.
I hope this page helped you get to know me better! I can't wait until the end of August to get to know you better!

Math Curriculum


This year we will continue working with Everyday Mathematics. This will be our fourth year using these curriculum materials and I found it worked very well! Students will be actively engaged in exploring and making connections with previous concepts as they continue to learn about the mathematical world they live in!
Please check out the EDM website for exciting games and help with homework!

Social Studies Curriculum

Social Studies Curriculum

In fifth grade students will learn about many different topics. We will start the year learning about the United States Government. Our focus will be on the three branches of government, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights!

Students will then learn about Geography. Topics will include land forms, understanding regions, and map skills.

Finally, we will explore the regions of the United States. We will break our country down into four major regions and use our understanding of our history and geography to learn about the similarities and differences of each region.

Classroom Supplies

Fifth Grade Supplies 2019-2020

Dear Parents and 5th Grade Students,

I know that many families enjoy shopping as they look forward to a new school year.

Teachers often receive questions regarding school supplies. Due to space limitations and to help you avoid making unnecessary purchases, I have compiled a list of important items for 5th grade students to use in school this year. If you are able to purchase these things for your child, please have them bring these supplies on the first day of school.

The list of items can be found at

‚ú∂Other helpful items we can use in our classrooms: Tissues, disinfecting wipes, band aids and cough drops.

I hope these suggestions will assist you when making your “Back To School” purchases. I look forward to a fulfilling and rewarding 5th grade year for everyone!

Thank you for your help and support.

Mr. Langenback

ELA Curriculum


In ELA students will be working with Mrs. Cricks! She is new to UPSD and is very excited to help students navigate the BML program and new UPSD curriculum! 

Science Curriculum


In science students will start the year exploring the scientific world by learning about the scientific method. Students will then use the scientific method to conduct to learn about variables and mixtures and solutions.

The Variables unit will have students exploring using pendulums, life boats, and flippers. The Mixtures and Solutions unit will have students working with solubility, saturation, crystals and methods of separation!

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:35-9:00 Morning Work/Classroom Meetings

9:00- 10:30 Math

10:35-12:05 ELA

12:10--1:10 Lunch and Recess

1:15-1:55 Specials

2:00-2:40 Writing

2:40-3:20 Social Studies/Science

3:20-3:30 Pack up and Dismissal 





Math homework will be given on a regular basis. Due to the length and complexity of some lessons, homework will not be given each night. However, it is safe to assume that on most nights students will have math homework. Math homework should NEVER TAKE MORE THAN 20 MINUTES. If homework is taking longer than that, please stop working on it and send in a note.


Independent Reading
Students should read at least 20 minutes each night. This should not be a cumbersome task, as the goal is to build enjoyment of reading. If students are not enjoying their reading, they may need to choose another book!

Social Studies and Science
Daily homework will not be given. On occasion, students may need to take home assignments that were not completed to finish.
Students are responsible for studying prior to a test. Information and studying help can be found on our google classroom.

Assignment Information

For long term assignments (reports, activities, tests) please check Skyward. Assignments will be entered as they are announced and will have the due date posted.

For daily assignments please access Remind. Due to monitoring and adjusting lessons based on students' needs, assignments may change during the course of a day, so the best way to stay up to date is by receiving alerts from Remind as they will be entered at the end of each day.

Click here to get directions on how to sign up for Remind!