The Hereford Cafeteria has a seating capacity of 304 students at one time. They serve lunch to approximately 800 students between the hours of 10:45 and 12:45. Some children choose to "brown bag", or bring their lunch to school.  Our cafeteria manager, Mrs. Robinson and her assistant, Mrs. R. Henry, begin their day at 7:00 each morning. Mrs. Grim, the cashier, begins at 7:00 each morning with Mrs. Hale and Mrs. J. Henry joining them at 9:00 and Mrs. Spengler joining them at 10:00. Together they bring to our students and staff at Hereford, a lunch fit for a "KING or QUEEN".  We appreciate all the hard work these ladies put into preparing our meals at Hereford.


  Not a Holiday passes that our cafeteria doesn't share in the celebration, from the decorations on the wall down to the meal. The traditional Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing and Christmas ham dinners are always a favorite. Some of our special lunches include green eggs for Dr. Seuss's birthday, Mickey Mouse Day, and our shamrock ice cream on St. Patrick's Day.

 Look how great our lunches look!

There are 4 choices each day for lunch. Students may choose from the Main Meal, Sandwich of the Week, Hot Dog on a wheat roll or Salad Bar.  Ice cream, soft pretzels, and a variety of healthy snacks are just a few of the additional items available in the cafeteria..


Fresh salads and fruit are always available. Children can choose from one percent milk, strawberry milk, or chocolate milk. With a doctor's note for milk allergies, bottled water can be provided for the student.


    Breakfast is served from 8:10-8:45. Children may choose cereal or a hot item such as French toast, pancakes, breakfast pizza, corndogs, egg omelets, sausage or waffles. Fruit, juice, yogurt, muffins, bagels with cream cheese or jelly round out the meal. Menus are available in the cafeteria.